Thursday, January 3, 2008

Aaah Amor

Falling for someone really is like losing your balance. You have to be careful or you could topple to the sidewalk, split open your head and watch every last stream of sense trickle down the gutter. It's like walking a tightrope—caution to one side and crazy to the other.

But oh how incredibly tempting it is to dive off the rope to the crazy side. Throw your cats in a Trader Joe's bag, grab some flip flops and changes of underwear and show up on his doorstep shouting, "I'm here! I'm crazy about you! I never want to leave!"

The first days and weeks and months are so delicious you just want to pour the other person into a glass and drink them.

I think this is one of the fantastic things about love (or its earlier stages "like-like" and "like a lot"). By design, the schmoopy, dreamy first days serve as the foundation for the hard stuff ahead. So that when you two have your first fight or your 100th fight, or you're up to your ears in dirty diapers or home repairs, you can hearken back to the memories of the early days. You can remember that there was a time when the person you may want to strangle now lit your fire like no one else.

If this is the case, if initial bliss is the savior for later frustration, I believe that it's crucial to soak up every moment and burn it into your memory. The worst that can happen is that your mind will be filled to the brim with sweetness and maybe a little bit of crazy...

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