Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Glass Houses

First off, let me start by clearing the record: Yesterday's post was NOT autobiographical. It was not about me, but triggered by a story someone else told me about someone. I am NOT the girl who slept with the guy on the second date.

That said, I may be just as guilty as she is of being a little wacky. Yes, it seems that after writing so arrogantly yesterday, I too got bitten by the crazy bug. Ah, the irony.

It's amazing how one's rational mind can go from Cloud 9, Everything's Fine to He-doesn't-want-to-see-me-until-Thursday- he-must-hate-me in less than 2 seconds flat. The key here, though, is to try to manage the unnecessary panic and diffuse the situation. I chose to confront the situation a joking way (I don't actually endorse this approach, even though I used it) and just straight up ask Mr. Wonderful if he was getting tired of me—if he was bored with his latest hobby. Being wonderful, he of course said no, that he was enjoying every second of it.

If I could back up, though, I might have employed one of these other tactics instead:
• Talk to a friend and actually listen and let her calm me down.
• Have a logical inner dialog wherein I reminded myself that a little change in routine or space between visits does not mean that a person is sick of you and doesn't want to see you.
• Write a note to myself, purging all the nonsensical thinking onto paper or an email. Verbal vomit always clears the head.
• Go running. This one works like a charm.
• Search around online for interesting dating and relationship articles. These are a great distraction and often very insightful.

Maybe if Miss Second Date Sleeper-Wither had tried some of the above, she wouldn't have been so apt to call/email/text after getting the brush off, thus saving her rep and preventing me from writing a blog about her. Now excuse me while I go take a large dose of my own medicine...

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