Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thank You, Ladies

Someone once gave me a greeting card that read, "Behind every great man is a woman checking out his butt." I'm not sure that she's always checking out his rear, but I do believe that there are great women behind most every good man.

And these ladies deserve to be commended.

Because of mothers, sisters, and even ex-girlfriends, us "other girls" are able to enjoy men who have learned valuable lessons about how to treat us. They're more thoughtful, attentive and sensitive. Lucky us.

I wish I could personally thank each female responsible for the betterment of the guys I've dated. Particularly now, I'd like to bow down to whomever made Mr. Wonderful so sweet that he would do things like leave a vitamin and a glass of water on "my" nightstand before bed, massage my neck while I'm driving, magically produce chocolate from his pocket in response to my complaining about a bad day, bring me a cup of green tea when I'm getting ready for the day, and continually kiss my hands, cheeks and forehead while I'm blathering on about trivial things.

Ladies, your influence has led to my brighter days.

And I hope somewhere out there, there's a girl thinking the same thing about me. I hope that during my time with relatives, exes and friends, I was able to positively impact some aspect of their behavior. Maybe they're a little sillier, maybe they use goofy pet names more often, maybe they write their girls poetry. I just hope they seem as incredible to their women as Mr. Wonderful seems to me.

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