Thursday, January 10, 2008

Unseen Freeway Fairies

Ever notice how magical things happen in the middle of the night? You go into work and your overflowing trash can has been emptied. The floor at your favorite coffee shop has been mopped until it gleams. Soap dispensers have been filled. Plants have been watered. Newspapers restocked.

It's as if an army of fairies goes into action every night to make life more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for the rest of us.

This morning on my way to work, I noticed that a deep pothole on my freeway offramp had been filled. Some little asphalt sprite must have flown by with his magic wand and zapped it while I was at home luxuriating in my warm, cozy house.

I don't think these people—or pixies—get commended (or even recognized!) enough for the work they do. We drive right over their handiwork, fill the trashcans they empty, soil the sinks they scrub. So today I'd like to give them a verbal pat on the back for making my life a little easier and prettier.

Thank you unsung fairy heroes. You rule.

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