Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Value of...Values

Today I had to sit through an 8-hour class at work dedicated to Managing Personal Growth. Some of it was tedious, but there was core value section that I found quite interesting.

We took a test online, had a friend/family member weigh in with what they thought our values were, then did another exercise with someone in the class wherein they assessed our values based on even more questions. (Odd ones, like: Which would you rather be - a shoe or a sock? and Are you more like green or red?)

The purpose of all this rigmarole was to figure out where (and whether) our values lined up with our current jobs. It took a bit of head tilting, but I think I found a perspective that lines up my values and my job description quite well.

But how many people can say that? If you had to list your top 5 core values, would they be supported by your current career? And if they're not well matched, should you be taking steps to find something that meshes better with what matters most to you?

I think the answer is: Yes.

How can a person really feel fulfilled if the biggest chunk of their days is spent doing something that goes against their top life priorities?! I was forced to do the exercise, but I think it's a worthy one for anyone to do—just to gain insight into why you are or are not happy in your current circumstances.

I guess I'm lucky. Writing seems to feed my Pleasure, Inner Harmony, Health, Adventure, and Wisdom-focused spirit. At least for today. Go figure out what feeds yours.

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