Friday, February 29, 2008

A Little Clarification

My best friend loves horror movies. She lives for the heart-pounding anticipation of vampire bites, Michael Meyers stab wounds, zombies getting ready to eat civilian brains. I, however, cannot stand the stuff. It disturbs me—it possibly perpetuates violence in society—and it scares little children. What's the good of that? But obviously, there is an audience out there who likes those films and deserves to have the opportunity to watch them if they want to. It's a free country, right?

That brings me to this blog...

I am free, on this little puppy, to write whatever my heart desires. To some (like anonymous comment #7 on Monday's post) what I write is "blathering dribble." To others, it is entertaining, thought-provoking and perhaps even moving. Those are the people I am writing for.

Just as I can choose not to watch horror movies, readers like anonymous #7 can choose not to read my blog. In fact, I encourage it! I wouldn't want someone to force me to watch a slasher flick—nor do I want my readers to feel compelled to view content they just cannot stomach.

But for the audience to whom I think this blog appeals, I will continue to write the way I have since I started up in November. I will share silly details of my life, comment on books I like, babble on about my personal opinions, and celebrate the uniqueness of my friends—even if their individualism isn't appreciated by everyone else in the world.

So, devoted readers, whether you choose to check back with me tomorrow or click elsewhere, I wish you well.

Blog out.


PoopyPants said...


I enjoy reading your blogs and many of your posts are thought provoking and simply just make me smile or laugh. You are free to write about whatever you choose just we are free to read, comment, etc. I second your motion of "if you don't like it, don't read it". Keep on blogging Sistah!

laura said...

Anonymous #7 needs to get a life....keep on bloggin'....

Anita said...

I for one love your blog and all the stories about your life, big and small. I also admire your tenacity of blogging almost everyday. I think it's a good blog month when I can write more than one post in that month! Also, don't ever let the anonymous commenters get to you. They seem to be anonymous for a reason because they have no courage to divulge who they really are. :)

Big Sister said...

Isn't it depessing that there are so many angry people out there who have nothing better to do than spit their anger out at the world? Keep blogging, keep telling us about Mr. Wonderful, keep supporting those you care about, and don't let the angry people get to you. Hopefully they'll find some place else to go.

Lara said...

So I guess it's time for the "Rager" to comment on this whole situation. Who new that having a much needed support session with my best friend of 20 years would turn out to be such a controversy!

First off, let me say that if some of the comment posters actually READ the original blog post, you would see that the post is about how much Melissa loves me for me. I WAS THE ONE who made all of the comments she wrote about. I AM THE ONE who said everyone is the same. I AM THE ONE who commented about Stepford Wives. And guess what, I think that living in Utah for 7 years (and visiting regularly for almost 25 years) gives me the right to say those things. I appreciate the state and love to visit, but I am so happy to leave and return to the ethnic and social diversity of Los Angeles. If you think I'm wrong, fine. Lots of people think L.A. sucks. My Dad does and he tells me all the time. OK. No offense taken. I love it here, you can love it there.

Not many people know the entire story behind Melissa's blog, but she definitely does. To Anonymous #7 (by the way, if you're going to post such ridiculously mean comments, you should have the balls to identify yourself) and, it is not that simple to 'Get Happy' and have an attitude change. You obviously do not know the complete story. If you would like a little more insight into the actual meat of the situation, please feel free to email me and I'll give you my phone number...we can talk and I can try and justify to you why I think this is a "real" challenge for me. Is that grown up enough for you?

So now let me ask how this

"She told me a story Saturday night that I found so refreshing and so exemplary of her strength...I love this about her."

has turned into Melissa meddling in my personal affairs? This is about me. I'm strong-willed. I speak my mind and sometimes say things that offend people. She says she loves this quality about me. FYI - I have been told by my husband that my strong willed personality and tendency to make outrageous, innappropriate comments is something that he loves about me.

So I end with more blathering dribble. Melissa wasn't commenting about my marriage, she was giving props to me. Now please find other ways of projecting your own problems on to other people...oh and my offer to speak personally to those who have a problem with me and my selfish attitude is legit. Email me. We'll talk.

Mel Heth said...

Shoot, man, I WANT TO MARRY YOU!