Thursday, February 28, 2008

Love of Fiction

Before Rosie O'Donnell was fighting with half of Hollywood, she was starring alongside Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle—uttering some of the best lines ever. One of my favorites is, "You know what your problem is? You want to be in love in a movie."

Well, what woman doesn't?!

I've always had a big smooshy, gooshy soft spot for movie love. But after reading Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveler's Wife, I now have an even bigger, blobbier pool of mush in my heart for book love.

I could not put this book down. Seriously, I turned into a hermit over the weekend—staying in my pajamas all day, with my nose buried between its pages. I read almost the whole thing in two days. The love story between its characters, Clare and Henry, is just incredible. The love of a lifetime. It's passionate and tender, and because it skips around the character's lives, from childhood to adulthood, it connects them in a way that could probably never happen in real life. If you saw or read (and enjoyed) The Notebook, you must read Time Traveler. It'll knock your sappy socks off.

I was at Mr. Wonderful's house as I finished the last pages. I was so moved by what I read, I started to cry. I tried to be quiet, I was a tiny bit embarrassed—I've never cried in front of Mr. W. But he hovered over me and saw the wet spot on the pillow under my head. Then he left the room and returned with a long strand of toilet paper so I could blow my nose. Maybe I don't need to be in love in a book or a movie after all...

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Anonymous said...

I'ts PoopyPants, but I can't login. I'd love to borrow that book. My romantic side has been zapped by two demanding little girls. I think it's great that a little bit of toilet paper made you realize what's right in front of you and what is not always found in a book or a movie...perfect love is not always perfect but it's forever.