Friday, February 1, 2008

Matter Over Mind?

Lately I feel like my mind is slipping. There have been several instances where I've walked into a room and suddenly had no idea what I was doing there. I've accidentally forgotten things at Mr. Wonderful's house (no this was not in attempt to get him to deliver them to me on a subsequent night...although that is what happened...). I've even been forgetting that I've remembered to do things (like pack a particular feminine item in my purse on the appropriate day). All these dead-air moments are making me wonder—what the heck is up with my head?

Here are a few theories:
  1. I got mad cow disease from eating beef in London 5 years ago and it is eating holes in my brain.
  2. I ingested some sort of parasite while dining on sushi or an exotic veggie dish and it is eating holes in my brain.
  3. My osteopenia has somehow mutated and is eating holes in my brain.
  4. I haven't been doing enough Sudoku puzzles. And my brain is eating itself as a result.
  5. I was unknowingly attacked by a zombie who sucked part of my brain through my ear canal.
  6. I have boy-on-the-brain...and it's turning things to Swiss cheese...
I'm hoping that my ailment is a result of number 6. Much like Pregnancy Brain, I think it is possible to suffer from Love Brain. Your grey matter gets so lost in daydreams, that it becomes incapable of performing other everyday tasks, like remembering to take off your underwear before you get in the shower (I caught myself just in the nick of time with this one today). Or maybe it's lack of blood flow to the brain—caused by continual blood surges to the groin area (sorry, Mom).

Whatever the cause, I have decided I must take action to combat it. Last night I watched Jeopardy, and this weekend I'm going to try my hand at Sudoku again. If none of my efforts pay off, at least I can take solace in the fact that my lips still work. I may not remember how to tie my shoes in a few months, but I guarantee I'll still know how to kiss his perfect lips.


Anonymous said...

And you worry about me! I think it is #6! Pam went to a meeting on dementia/alheiz. recently and they stated a very good brain stimulator is "knitting"! Maybe I need to teach you!

Laura said...

maybe miss anonymous is not so anonymous afterall....because I know the same Pam that went to the sam dementia presentation....blah, blah, blah....i'm just sorry "anonymous" didn't mention the blood to the groin comment, since that was the best line of the blog! knitting, schmitting.....that's for old people. BTW...can't wait to meet Mr. Woooooooooonderful.

Big Sister said...

Get in line, Laura...We're all waiting to meet "him". With all the technology available these days, he might just be photo-shopped into the pictures she's been occasionally sending us.