Friday, March 7, 2008

6 Letters; Synonymous with Spooky

True story: Last night I was playing Scrabble with Mr. Wonderful and some otherworldly force took control of my letter tiles. It may have been one of my deceased grandmas having fun with me, or maybe it was just pure coincidence, or perhaps it was Fate, pushing me to blurt out a phrase that probably scared the pants off Mr. W.

We were about halfway through a bottle of Pinot Noir, a third of the way through LOST, and a few dozen words into our game, when I drew four new tiles and saw the following on my wooden rack: VIUOELI

I started rearranging to try to identify the highest point combo…and there they were…those six letters… I LOVE U

Yes, there was a superfluous “I” in the mix, but those six were what mattered.

“Hmph,” I said to him, “I have a phrase over here right now.”

“Oh yeah?” he asked, more concerned with adding up his score.

I didn’t want to read it aloud, so I grabbed L,O,V, and E and lined them up next to an R on the board. Mr. W chuckled and suddenly I found myself spinning my rack around and saying, “It said ‘I love you’ before I laid those down.”

I wasn’t looking directly at him as I said the words, so I’m not sure whether his eyeballs detached from his retinas and momentarily popped out of his skull. But I took his quiet, “Huh,” as an indicator that I may have freaked him out. Perhaps I should’ve just told him my letters spelled VILE IOU…


Anonymous said...

Never question the power of your grandmas!

Big Sister said...

I don't think it was the grandmas...Grandma H would have spelled, "What the hell are you doing playing scrabble with him - go drag him into the sack. Grandma P would have spelled, Melissa it's cold in here - go put a sweater on.