Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fish Hos, and Other Sluts of the Animal Kingdom

Back in November, a friend of mine at work bought a fish tank. Since then, one of the little swimmers she owns has gotten pregnant and squeezed out kids twice. Total aqua slut.

Each time this happens, my friend's daughter gets excited and is subsequently saddened when the newborn fishies disappear.

And why are they disappearing, you ask? Because mom is eating them.

Talk about marinelife irresponsibility. First she accidentally gets pregnant and then she covers her mistake by turning the babies into an afternoon snack. Rats and mice do this too. It's completely freaky.

I know they don't have the capacity to think "oh how cute look at my little schmoopy baby," but what's the deal with the dining habits!? My cousin gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy just this afternoon and I'm pretty sure she didn't find herself thinking "mmm he looks like one tasty piece of meat."

If anyone has an explanation for A. The promiscuous behavior of fish (and rats and mice) and B. Why they turn their children into chow, I'd love to know.

Congratulations, Kim and Trav, on the birth of Liam Frank! He's a delish little morsel of baby perfection.


Anonymous said...

Fishes eating their fish babies, very odd. That's all I can say.

Oh & congrats to your cousins babe!! Many blessings!

PoopyPants said...

We have Fish Hos in our aquarium, but some of our babies have lived...then I think one of the babies has become a Ho and had more does that mean she is mating with her father or her brother? I think they might be incestual too! Ahhh the animal kingdom. I do have to admit that my babies cheeks are pretty scrumptious, but I'm not quite temped to gobble her up whole!