Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Spy

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but I think it’s what keeps the Internet alive. We all want our daily fixes of Britney instability, LOST spoilers, Chinese horoscopes, and dating blogs…because…well, we’re curious.

But with social networking sites popping up like dandelions, we’re now able to take our piques of interest to a whole new level. We can now, more easily than ever, do the one thing we all love to do...if only on the rarest of occasions… Snoop on our exes.

Oh come on, you know you’ve done it. Or at least wanted to.

In the past, you had to rely on friends of friends, or chance encounters, or nonchalant “just checking in” emails. But now you can go on Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace, Google and even to track down those dastardly dudes who used to light up your lips.

I recently had a dream about an ex from 2005. He was younger and gorgeous and all wrong for me. So of course, the chemistry was explosive. We only dated for 3 months—the last of which, he was living in my apartment—but we dropped the L-bomb on each other and I was devastated when he moved to the east coast (even though I knew it was coming all along). After a couple weeks of being away, he decided he “couldn’t do the long distance thing” and about 6 months after that, I pretty much stopped hearing from him altogether.

I’ve thought of him many times since then, and even tried to email him on a few occasions. But I've never received a response. Where could he be? What is he doing? Did he ever wonder what I was doing?

Thanks to the almighty F-book, I now have my super sleuth answer: Shorty McHotPants is (wearing a suit in his profile pic) back on the west coast, going to grad school at Pepperdine. Not everything I hoped to find out, but it’ll do. Curiosity case closed.

Now, if I could just track down the guy from 2004…


Anita said...

You can also do it the "old fashioned" way and have a girlfriend call his work number to see if he's still alive. (Since what other reason would there be that he didn't contact you again after going on vacation except that he died). I did this in 2003 and was heartbroken to hear he did in fact still work there but just bothered not to email or call ever again. JERK! And no I'm not still bitter. :)

Hannah said...

Wow you're like,a bonafide stalker! But honestly it's in us girl's DNA.

A friend of mine was once dumped by her boyfriend for a girl she didn't know. My friend found out where this girl lived and MADE and me and my sister go to her house pretending we were doing a survey for school so I could ask all these questions. She got suspicious when we asked “have you ever stolen someone's boyfriend?"

I am not a very good gumshoe.

Anonymous said...

Let's track him down! Scooby Doo style! I'll find a Mystery Machine!

Mel Heth said...

Anita, that is awesome. What was she going to say if he answered? And if she was just going to hang up, how come you didn't call?

P.S. I hate guys for doing stupid things like just never calling again after vacation. Girls never do that stuff. Boys are wussies.

Mel Heth said...

Anonymous/Shaggy - I'll totally be your Daphne. Warm up the Mystery Machine!

Mel Heth said...

Hannah - that is the best story ever. Stealing boyfriends should be a felony. Okay, maybe just a misdemeanor.

Casey said...

I have SOOOO done this.

Jane Moneypenny said...

OMG, yes, I'm the a pro at stalking. That's how I found out the guy I was dating is in a relationship. Thanks for your comment; that completely explained in a great way of this weird phenomena.