Friday, March 14, 2008

That Poor Girl

Yesterday I was flipping through my work notebook and I stumbled upon a little smear of personal writing scribbled on the back of a concepting page. There was no date next to it, so I only know it was written sometime last year, during what (I hope) was the most difficult relationship of my life.

We dangle “I love you’s”
like carrots, waiting to see
if the other will bite. Hanging
them out there with nothing
but a strand of truth supporting them.

How could I have let myself get to that point? Who wants only a sliver of sincerity holding together something as big as “I love you”?

If there is one thing I learned from my 14 months of heartache, it’s that truth is the most important component in any relationship—including the one you have with yourself.

If I had been honest with myself from the beginning, I wouldn’t have stayed with him. I knew he wasn’t right. I knew he might hurt me. My subconscious screamed it at me in dreams and small anxiety attacks. Yet, my stubborn pride seemed to want to prove everyone (including myself) wrong.

It wasn’t the first time I had done this. Over the years, I’ve polished my ability to convince other people and myself that certain situations are “fine.” Better than fine, “what I want.” But there’s always a part of me that writhes and pounds its fists shouting, “You Know This Is Not What You Want.” When you’re settling, your deepest self will always tell you.

Learning not to silence that voice has been the greatest gift I could’ve received from him. For all the bad he brought to my doorstep, that one good thing makes it all worthwhile. So for that reason, I have no regrets. But I do have lots of sad words jotted throughout my notebook.


Mike said...

Lots to be learned from bad relationships.

Too bad we have to go through them the hard way, eh?

Mel Heth said...

Oh Mike from Canada, you completely freaked me out. The ex I wrote about in this post was named Mike - I thought it was him commenting on my blog.


Lara said...

I about peed my pants when I saw 'mike said...' Good thing you cleared that up for me or I may have tried to cut him in a blogfight.

You are my shmoopy and I'm glad Mr. Wonderful loves you for who you are!

Adele said...

Aw.. So sad :( luckily I haven't been through real serious heartache yet... Those words were so lovely but yet so sad at the same time x x

Laura said...

I was surprised to see Mike comment too.....I was thinking....WOW, now this is getting good. Oh well, poor Mike from Canada didn't know what he was getting himself into. Wonder if he's single???? Not for me, but.....maybe one of my cougar- divorcee friends???

Jane Moneypenny said...

Damn it. I typed an entire reply and blogger killed it. Lame.

I've definitely been in your spot. Numerous times, but also had that relationship that drains you of everything but you can't walk away due to some sick habit/addiction. So congrats on reaching a good place. It's amazing how much clearer life is after that.

Amy Turpin said...

Hey Melissa, I found the link to your blog on Lara's blog. Hope you don't mind me reading it and keeping up on life in your world. :)

Big Sister said...

I knew that couldn't have been "the Mike". I don't think he would have been that mild...Did quickly catch my eye, though!

Diz said...

I just read it too and OMG I was like whoa whoa, MIKE? but then I read on....
Love you little kitten!