Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flat Hair. Striped Eyelids. Pores Galore. Help Me.

1. Can anyone recommend a good, affordable shampoo and conditioner?
Call me a creature of habit, but I’ve used the exact same shampoo and cond. for 10 years. Herbal Essences Citrus Lift bodifying formula. I {heart} my shampoo. It treats my hair well, and over those 10 years, no other shampoo (or conditioner) I’ve tried has done my hair the justice my beloved Citrus Lift does.

When Herbal Essences rebranded and rebottled their products, they did away with Citrus Lift. So I tried their volumizing formula. No good. Strengthening formula. Flattastic. Then I bought Pantene for highlighted hair. Also not quite right. Today I bought regular Pantene and am hoping by some grace of hair god, it works like my old Herbal Essences—because I only have 2 bottles of the good stuff left. If any of you have suggestions of a good bodifying (not volumizing) duo, I’d love to hear about them. Because my shower is beginning to look like a CVS pharmacy.

2. How can I prevent the end-of-day eyelid streak?
I wear smokey eyeshadow every day and at the end of each day I have a really nice black line gunked into the crease of my eyelid. I’ve tried putting powder on my eyelids before applying shadow. I’ve applied the shadow wet. I’ve put foundation on my eyes. Nothing seems to work. Help. Me. Beauty. Queens.

3. What should I be putting on my pothole-sized pores?
Okay fine, maybe they’re not that huge but they definitely seem extremely visible every time I look in the mirror. I tried the Biore strip thing and that did nothing. I have relatively sensitive skin, so a lot of stuff makes me peel. But doggonnit I’m tired of the polka dots! Right now I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin Night lotion, but if you know of something that works really well, I want to hear about it. Or if I should be going to a facialist, just tell me that.

Thank you and goodnight.


Jane Moneypenny said...

I wish I could give you advice but I'm a bit a no-wearing makeup tomboy. I always get compliments about my hair but I use V05 shampoo that costs about $1. :P I did recently start using Aussie Cleanse and Mend just to try something new and it smells great and seems to be making my hair looks thick.

Hannah said...

I don't know about the pores and eye make up because those seem to plague me as well.

However, shampoo is my thing. Really truly. I could win the Pulitzer if I wrote a book about shampoo.

You should try Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing shampoo. It's amazing. I personally use their scalp benefits shampoo because I have sensitive skin.

Not to go into too much TMI but about a year ago I had really horrible dandruff and I seriously tried ever dandruff shampoo on the face of the earth and nothing worked. Except for the Aveda.

I swear you will love it.

Here's the link :) You might have to cut and paste it into your url bar.


Michael C said...

Uhhhhh, sorry. I'm not much help in this area. Why is a Norelco electric razor better than a Remington? That I can do...

brookem said...

hello darlin..

i love beauty talk. let's see... shampoo? hmm, well i use (i think? i cant totally remember i just know the bottle is orange-y) l'oreal. i like that. also really like biolage. hmm... and as far as the eyeshadow- are you using a powedery type, or cream based? id say if you're using a creamy one, go for a more powedery one. and my only other suggestion would have been to try out the powder on your lids beforehand, but you said you do that already!

and let me know what you find out about the third one!

JessPU13 said...

Hi there! Citrus is still available... it was a "left-behind" version b/c consumers loved it so much. I actually work for P&G that owns Herbal and Pantene. Hope this is helpful! PS- let me know what you think of the Pantene you bought :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes mom knows best. Try Trader Joes (blue container) shampoo $1.99 - love it and I have the same type hair as you. Also, the same pores - Avon makes some wonderful new products for skin care. And for shadow - expensive is not always best - look at the CVS make-up aisle. I use combos of Cover Girl and Revlon; or you can e-mail Tommy Cole!

Alysha said...

I actually hate Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner -- it is one of the few that makes my hair feel yucky - so I am no help! I have the same problem with my eyeshadow... as for pores - constant battle. Wow - guess I am no beauty queen, but if you find the magic tricks (other than the hair care); let me know!

Buffy said...

Get a photo rejuvenation facial. You know, where they use those little laser lights. That'll blast those suckers open.

Also, microderm. Not the 'comes in a bottle' kind. Get it professionally done. If only once.

Well worth it.

laura said...

you are making yourself sound like a haggard old maid....and you're not!

Anyway, I say go to a beauty supply store, tell them what your issues are with your hair and they will point you in the direction of a good shampoo that will work for you...be sure you are able to return the shampoo if it does not work. most places will let you do this. Same goes for the eye shadow, go to your favorite makeup counter, tell them your problem, and they will help you out. I like MAC and Laura Mercier, but you may have your own preference....as for the HUGE pores (that you are imagining you have)..no advice.

Regarding anonymous's advice about the Trader Joe's shampoo...YIKES! i tried it and my hair never felt so gross...I won't even use it on my dogs :) ...but everyone's hair type is different, so it might work for you.

Mel Heth said...

And Jon said this was a bad post. Ha! Look at all the good advice I got!

Jane - That is awesome you go sans-makeup. I wish I could kick the habit. Thanks for the Aussie tip!

Hannah - Aveda! Brilliant! I will definitely give that a try.

Michael - Why is a Norelco better than a Remington? I think I heard a joke that started that way once...

Brookem - I'll keep L'oreal in mind. Thanks! I'm a powder eyeshadow user (Clinique to be exact). But I mix with a dark Maybelline shadow - that could be the root of the problem...

jesspu13 - Yay! I was able to find Citrus on Target's shelves for quite some time but not anymore. Do you know where I can buy it online?

Mom - despite Laura's comment, I may try your blue shampoo.

Alysha - I love you anyway. :)

Buffy - Good suggestions! When in doubt, go to the pros, right? Maybe I'll just suck it up and get a facial.

Laura - I knew you could help me, you beauty fashionista. I'd keep my mom and yours away from Holly during bath time though.

Anonymous said...

I late to the game but I must say I LOVE THIS! Beauty products, my fave.
1 - Shampoo - Neutrogena Clean Replenishing Shampoo - LOVE it. I have super oily hair & this is the one shampoo that doesn't weigh my hair down, it gives a little sheen without being too much (if that makes sense!)

2 - Totally agree - microderm is the way to go. I would try an over the counter kit - Lancome makes a really great one, a little pricey but worth it - beleive Loreal sells a cheaper version (they are manufactured by the same co) that you may want to try

3 - The eyeshadow crease - good GOD! I thought I was the only one who suffered with this. I have tried powder, I have tried foundaion nothing works. The only brand I've noticed that doesn't do that is.....yep Lancome. But for 40bucks for a quatro - sometimes I just can't do it.

Mel Heth said...

Semi - You are a wealth of information! I didn't even think of Neutrogena shampoo and I'm a huge fan of that brand. Good suggestion. And Lancome seems to be the route to go on the face stuff. Good to know...maybe I'll have to switch from Clinique...