Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Naked Truth

In every relationship I’ve ever had, I’ve found it intriguing and satisfying to study the way my men act with the different people in their lives. It always seemed to me that there was some new facet being revealed, some side of them that only came out in the presence of their old friend from childhood or their big brother.

Mr. Wonderful has not let me down once in this capacity. Every time I meet a new family member or friend, I feel like I know him a little better. And every time, it makes me love him a little bit more. It’s amazing how I keep thinking my Mr. W cup is full and he just keeps dripping more drops into it.

When his stepdad picked us up from the airport, it was my first clue-in to his feelings for this man, and what lay ahead for us over the weekend. He was so affectionate, it melted my heart. I hadn’t seen him that way with anyone but me and his nieces. He was equally cute with his mom, teasing her and nodding reluctantly every time she called him “her baby.” (She loved me, by the way).

What a treat it is to fill in the gaps surrounding the person you love. To make them more real, maybe a little more vulnerable. And realize that the more you learn, the more you adore them.

Mr. W’s mom gave me the lowdown on the entire family history, so I feel like I’m coming away knowing so much more about him. It’s funny how you can spend a year and a half with someone, and still not know everything.

She got to know me a little better too…not just through our many conversations out on the lanai, but carnally. Yes kids, I was kneeling on the floor (thankfully in the dark) with only my underwear on (yes, it was a thong) before I got in the shower. It was the day we were leaving, so I was quickly checking my flight itinerary before skipping into the bathroom. And suddenly, the bedroom door whipped open and she said, “Just making sure you guys were awake,” and I just froze and tried to cover as much areola as I could, smiling and replying, “Yes, we’re up!”

When Mr. W came back into the room, I told him his mom had just seen me naked. He chuckled and said, “Better you than me!”


justrun said...

Ha! That's great!

Michael C said...

Priceless. Just priceless!

laura said...

Tooooooooo funny. Wait...does that mean you and Mr. W were sleeping in the same room?

Anita said...

If you think about it, there IS a worse way for her to have walked into where you would be naked. ;)

PS: Was there any doubt she'd love you? C'mon!

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Well, at least she didn't catch the two of you in the act. Ahem!

Audrey Ferris said...

Ok... this is too funny! I might be guilty of conceiving our first child while living with the in-laws... but they never caught me (us) in the buff!!!

Mike129 said...


Mr. W is a lucky guy.

Mel Heth said...

JustRun - Yeah it sounds great now...but man I was a deer in the headlights when that door opened!

Michael C - Typical, so typical... :)

Laura - Not only were we sleeping in the same room - it was his parents' room! They slept in the guest room. Good thing they lined cinder blocks between us in the bed.

Anita - Yes, there are many worse scenarios...but there were also some better ones I could think of that involved clothing!!

Nilsa - I have no idea what act you're talking about. I'm an angel, remember?

Audrey - Oh the scandal! But why do I think your mom-in-law might get a laugh out of that? :)

Mike129 - Apparently his mom is, too! :P

Dingo said...

Hahahaha, Mr. W's mom saw your boobies! Yes, I am 5yrs old. So?

Mermanda said...

I am seriously impressed that you were able to smile and reply. I probably would have screamed and dove for cover.

Mandy's Kidding said...

I'm seriously impressed by that too. I think you just showed his mom what a class act you are.


Mel Heth said...

Dingo - It's okay, I think mine are so small they technically are still "boobies."

Mermanda - I was to paralyzed with fear to scream or dive!

Mandy - Hahaha yeah a real class act! I did go on to wear almost all white that day - hopefully leading her to think I was pure and virginal, not a naked hussy.

Mandy's Kidding said...

Unless she could see through your white clothing.


Sizzle said...

Ha! That's spectacular. ;-)

Of course she loved you. I'm so glad things continue to get better and better!

brookem said...

there was no question that she would love you!
you're totally right about learning about different little facets of a person, seeing how they interact with their different "people" in different walks of life. im enjoying that too.
so glad the trip was a hit!

Alysha said...

I love it! The perfect ending for the trip :-) So funny!