Friday, January 22, 2010

Brain Interception

A couple days ago at work, I had this fantastic, amazing idea. Given that Mr. Wonderful had to spend his 35th birthday last year all alone(ish) in a foreign country, I decided that we should do something this year to make up for it. And of course, because my birthday is 4 days before his, I would get to reap the benefits of said celebration.

Naturally, I decided we should go to Napa to drink wine and eat delicious food. So I messaged Mr. W:

Me: Just had a brilliant idea. Let’s go to Napa in April for our birthdays!

Mr. W: I had this great idea in the shower this morning – we should go to Napa for our birthdays.

Me: Shut up! Seriously?

Mr. W: Yeah I meant to tell you earlier. Great minds think alike.

But then I realized what had really happened.

You see, that morning, as I was preparing my breakfast, I placed my juice glass on the kitchen counter next to my bowl of freshly poured cereal. I reached in the fridge and pulled out the juice, pouring it in my glass. Then I reached back and grabbed the soy milk—only to spin around and pour that into my juice glass, right over the top of my ruby red grapefruit instead of over the top of my cereal.

I thought for sure it was my early-onset Alzheimer’s kicking in again. But now I realize that Mr. W must have somehow intercepted my brain waves at that very moment, short-circuiting my pouring skills and planting the Napa birthday idea in their place. Pretty sneaky, Mr. W.

In case you were wondering, yes, I drank the milk juice anyway. And I didn’t die.


Emily said...

That's gross that you drank milk juice

Mobius said...


Not the napa part.

brookem said...

ha, i bet that tasted... interesting.

napa reminds me of mr. big!
you're going to have so much fun!

Mel Heth said...

Em - But I already had vitamins out that needed to be swallowed and I didn't want to throw out a perfectly good glass of juice! It really didn't taste all that bad.

Mobius - It was sort of like a smoothie. No big.

Brookem - "If you're tired of New York, you take a napa - you don't MOVE to Napa!" Love that line. :)

Mike129 said...

Napa is great.

But honestly I usually go to the northern bit of Sonoma (Dry Creek and Russian River areas) these days due to the crowds in Napa (and even lower Sonoma). If you want any pointers to the better Zin places around Russian River & Dry Creek, just ask. There is also one really good Pinot place up there.

Semicharmed (Brandi) said...

Napa sounds amazing, the milk juice? Not so much.

Big Sister said...

You're such a dork.

Danielle said...

Um, that is gross.
Sounds like you will be going to Napa for your Birthdays. ;)

Sizzle said...

Fab idea for joint bday celebration!

SoMi's Nilsa said...

And it's times like these that I know you are with the right person. Then again, I'd like to think the really right person would've saved you from drinking that milk-juice concoction, but whatevs. hahaha.