Sunday, January 31, 2010

Writers, Writers Everywhere

Friday night, I went to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Committed book signing in Pasadena. Now, I know not everyone enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love. In fact, some of you kind of hated it. But seeing and hearing this woman in person confirmed everything I love about her and more. She was humble and real and so engaging. She told a touching story (which I may have to post about) that actually made her get choked up on stage. I found her sincerity truly delightful. And her book? Oh my gosh I loved it. I would honestly call it a must read for anyone on the brink of marriage.

So that was writer encounter #1.

The second surprise came when I got home from the book signing. I logged onto my email to discover that this little blog here had received a comment from Stephanie Klein. STEPHANIE KLEIN, people! Author of Straight Up and Dirty and Moose. I went to her book signing about a year and a half ago and also found her to be a complete delight. I was astounded (and ecstatic) to find that she had somehow wandered over to my pages. Wow.

My third writer exposure was to a movie about Anaïs Nin. Though I didn’t know who she was when I did it, I recently put one of her quotes up as my Facebook status. “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” A friend commented on it, referencing Nin’s diaries, so I had to investigate. Turns out (turns out I need to brush up on my literature…ahem) she was a famous 1930s erotica writer who had an affair with Henry Miller. The movie Henry & June is based on her life. And holy schnikes is it steamy! Seriously people, like soft-core porn. Interesting watch on the heels of When in Rome (Yes, I saw that and yes it was goofy but I just wanted to zone out and pretend I was in Italy for a little while…so I went. Be quiet.)

All this writer stuff has definitely made me feel inspired. Just what I needed to get out of my manuscript-ignoring rut!


Danielle said...

I was just going to look for Eat, Pray, Love today. And you reminded me to do so. Thanks
Congrats on an Author commenting. That is really cool.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

I just wish the sincerity you used to describe Elizabeth Gilbert came through her writing. Then, I might have actually liked Eat, Pray Love.

Anonymous said...

Cool kismet.

Ever thought of taking a writing class or joining a writing group? Maybe you write better solo, but I know a lot of people who feed off of other writers in certain circumstances...

Big Sister said...

Not only did Stephanie Klein comment on your blog, but she wants to pee her pants with you! How cool is that? Elizabeth Gilbert was awesome - funny, real and humble. I think hearing her read the excerpt put a different twist on her writing. She knows how she intended her writing to sound, and to hear her read it made it very funny. I don't know if I read it with that same tone. I love her books, I love her interviews, and I loved her in person.

Jodie Kash said...

Why on God's green earth would anyone be on or at, "the brink of marriage???"

Crazy talk, you say!

blakspring said...

i love that you brought up anais nin. i went through a major obsessive henry miller phase in college, putting him up on a pedestal (i've since taken him down), and trying to find out everything about him which led me to anais. the funny thing is that i prefer reading about her life from other people's perspectives, though i might give the diaries another try. i remember being disappointed with delta of venus, though it's still on my shelf years later so maybe i should revisit it as well.
and uma thurman is HOT!

brookem said...

stephanie commented on my little blog that could the other day too! and i was jumping out of my seat happy!
ill have to check out that elizabeth gilbert book!