Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh But I Love Him

After some of the comments on my last post, I felt more than a little compelled to defend the Wonderful name.

My impatience may have made it seem like I was just sitting helplessly by while this awful guy made all my life decisions and strung me along like an evil puppeteer.

But I assure you, that is not at all the case.

Though he’s a bit slow (in the relationship department), I do not feel that Mr. W is taking me for granted, leading me on or trying to lap up all the milk without ever buying the cow. The current “waiting situation” is completely about logistics outside both our control. And although we could scrap our initial idea of moving into his house, the other scenarios we’ve discussed just don’t seem to make as much sense.

It’s not a case of “He’s Just Not that into You.” The boy shows his into-me-ness all the time.

He’s the guy who brings me back fancy chocolates every time he has to travel. The one who bought me special socks to wear to yoga because I got cold during one session. The guy who agreed to go see CATS with me next month. The one who works out the kinks in my neck if he sees me rubbing them. And who told me that if he has to leave the country for a movie again, he will support me so I can go with him.

He’s the one who watches me compulsively apply hand lotion before bed, and when I ask “Dejavu?” he responds with “Just something to look forward to for the next 50 years.”

He’s wonderful, I tell you. And that makes him worth the wait…it’s just hard to wait when you have someone so fantastic that you want to go to sleep with every night and wake up next to every morning.

So even though I may whine now and again about things surrounding our situation, please know that those things do not make him any less perfect for me.

Oh and thank you, you and you for your offline discussions with me yesterday. What great perspectives you all have!


Anonymous said...

Um, could you ask him to stop setting the bar so high? Some of us are mere mortals, ya know. ;)

Danielle said...

Anyone that has been reading you, knew that without question. Good man, good women!

Sizzle said...

You are the one in the relationship so you know it best. From everything you've told me about him, you are very well suited for each other and he does adore you.

That comment about the next 50 years? So cute.

LesleyG said...

I think that falls into the "as long as he thinks you're just as wonderful" category. :)

Jane Moneypenny said...

Mel, you're making it really hard for me to ever find a guy worth keeping around b/c your Mr. W is so awesome. It's okay to whine once in awhile; you're human after all. No one can blame you for wanting to snag such a great guy for good. On the same side, I'm more than sure he wants you for life, too. Some things are just worth waiting for.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Awww, I think the two of you are so very cute together. And who knows, maybe there are some ways to begin the transition before the actual transition actually begins (do you have a drawer at his place yet? a second toothbrush there? second set of toiletries you can just leave there?). Heart you.

Big Sister said...

OK, so here's a question. When Mr. W and Roommate bought this house together, and decided to live together, did they just think that they would be Ernie and Burt for the rest of their lives? Did they have some sort of pact that if one of them found Mrs. Wonderful, they would go to the Plan B living arrangement? I would think this must have crossed one of their minds, as buying a house together is a huge life decsion, whether you are married or business partners. Mr. W - it's time to implement Plan B!!!!! It's not like you are wanting to move forward after 6 weeks together - it's been 2 years, and you have risked your job and moved to another continent to be with him. I'm not saying you need to give him an ultimatum, but I think you could say - I want to live with you - You want to live with me. Let's figure out what we need to do to make that happen sooner rather than later. Just a little advice from your Big Sister who wants to see you get what you want and deserve.

Semicharmed (Brandi) said...

Yes, agree with Dannielle - anyone who has read this blog that Mr. W is well, pretty freaking wonderful. It's a sticky situation you sound like your in, these things do take time, but it sucks waiting. Just know he sure sounds like he's worth it. Oh and the socks for yoga?? Amazing.

blakspring said...

i've got the solution - everyone swaps roommates. you and mr w, dp and sb, and sb's roommate gets her own place. seriously though, i hear you about the frustration of waiting. it can be so hard, but it sounds here like the payoff will be worth it.