Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quotes from My Weekend

During yoga class, right as we were getting into corpse pose during the final relaxation, we heard the super yogi teacher in the class below us shout:

“Okay everyone, laugh as loud as you can for two minutes straight. Laugh it out. Hoot and holler.”

Needless to say, it colored the relaxation a bit.

During Supercross Saturday night, as Mr. Wonderful, Dirty Painter, DP’s brother, Southern Belle and I watched punk kids and tarty girls mill around in the stands, there was a volley of:

“Does every guy here have that hat?”
“Could that dude’s pants be any lower?”
“Is it really necessary to wear a tube top when it’s freezing outside?”
“How much ratting is required on one head of hair?”

Right before the giant plastic wrap-around beam for Mr. Wonderful’s vertical blinds came crashing down on me, bloodying my shoulder, I asked:

“How did you get this piece off the other window? Mine feels stuck.”

After Valentine’s night dinner, as Mr. W and I sat on the couch sipping wine, he assured me:

“I didn’t see you on the toilet. I saw a sliver of your leg as you handed the magazine out the door.”

Romantic, eh? Fits with last year

During the cheese-chocolate-wine-tasting class Mr. W and I attended last night, he turned to me and said:

“When we get home tonight, I want to try my flight headset on you. Your head is so tiny, I think we might need to get you a dog headset to wear when I take you flying.”

As Meg Ryan said in When Harry Met Sally, "Who is the dog in this scenario?! I am the dog."

The very best quote of all wasn’t one I heard, though. It was one I read in a Valentine’s Day card. It was sweet and genuine and it included the word “wife.” Cross your fingers for me readers, I think we’re getting closer…


Sizzle said...

"Wife"? :-) Fingers crossed.

brookem said...


Danielle said...

Hint hint Mr. wonderful! We know you are reading! :)

Mel Heth said...

Sizzle - Ha thanks. :)

Brookem - I'll cross mine right back at you.

Danielle - Hopefully he's not reading. He usually only reads if I send him the link.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I love how you magically weave together words about what the crazy teenagers are doing these days with ruminations of marriage. You are talented. =)

Jane Moneypenny said...

See! Didn't I just say?

blakspring said...