Sunday, March 28, 2010

In Recovery

It’s funny how the Universe works. Who knew that one of the best ways to come down from a stressful couple weeks would be a day of jury duty? Being trapped in a courthouse in downtown LA turned out to be the perfect opportunity for decompression.

Friday I had to report, and doing so enabled me to write a little, read a lot, people watch and have lunch somewhere new. It was pretty much exactly what I needed. And things just got better from there.

A nearly 7-mile solo run Friday night caused most of the rest of my stress to pour out my pores. And when Mr. Wonderful told me he had booked me an 80-minute aromatherapy massage on Saturday, I knew that everything was going to be okay.

Mr. W’s good friend from Canada has been in town the last couple weeks, and to put a nice cap on his trip, we took him (along with Dirty Painter and Southern Belle) down to the Gaslamp District of San Diego.

The boys planned to go to the Air and Space Museum, so I planned to continue my recovery from work and life stress by the hotel pool. An hour of reading magazines in the sun was followed by the most delicious massage I’ve ever had, a nap and then a night on the town with a scrumptious steak dinner.

My body and mind became so relaxed that they decided it would be okay to give me a post-stress cold. Just when ya think the Universe is on your side… Oh well, at least I’m feeling more relaxed and capable of combatting my sickness.


LesleyG said...

Ah, life does take care of things, doesn't it? Sounds great! Glad you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I brought you back the cold from Vancouver. What, you didn't think I'd bring you a souvenir? ;)

blakspring said...

what a great weekend. i'm really impressed with your 7 miles :) and an aromatherapy massage sounds heavenly.

Sizzle said...

This is excellent. :-)