Monday, May 3, 2010

It May Be Tiny, But It’s a Good Thinker

Yesterday was my favorite kind of day. The kind where I caught myself walking hand-in-hand with Mr. Wonderful, thinking, “THIS is how I want it to be. Always.”

We started out with a 5.5-mile run in Griffith Park. Actually, we started out with frozen waffles that Mr. W cooked a little too long so they sounded like rice cakes crunching between my teeth. Then we ran. I love so much that he will run with me. It’s been so helpful training for this race, and is generally just a really cool activity to be able to share.

After the run, we were starving so we went to this very cute restaurant for an early lunch. Trying to be good, I ordered a chicken salad sandwich with a side of fruit. Mr. W got a wrap and criss-cut fries. Mmmmm. They tasted so good, I couldn’t help but reach over to his plate half a dozen times.

“Sorry I’m eating all your fries,” I finally said.

“It’s okay,” he assured me. “I’d share anything with you.”

I thought for a second. “Even a kidney?”

He nodded his head. “Liver, too.”

I wanted to stump him. “Even half your brain?”

“I think my brain is too big to fit inside your little head.”

Surely he only said that because I have a pea head and have to wear a kids’ size bike helmet. Not because he’s so much smarter.

I laughed about this statement about 10 more times throughout the day.

We followed up lunch with a few errands (Including recycling wine corks. Learn how you can do it, too!) Then we hit the Fairfax farmer’s market and Whole Foods for some dinner fixin’s. I love the farmer’s market. I love shopping together and cooking on Sundays.

After a quick afternoon nap, we made very tasty turkey burgers with mushrooms, green peppers and balsamic. And Mr. W made a variety of baked sweet potato slices (cinnamon, sage, chili pepper, rosemary). The were so good. Oh man. I might almost give up a real sweet just to eat sweet potatoes for the rest of my life.

We opened a bottle of pinot noir and watched An Education on DVD. Good movie, I highly recommend. Before turning in, we laid side-by-side in bed reading magazines. Touching feet. Even this tiny brain knows that you can’t construct a day much better than that.


brookem said...

sounds like a perfect day to me, pretty lady!

those sweet potato slices also sound quite delightful!

Sizzle said...

That sounds like bliss. I love those kinds of days. I also love that it is farmer market time again.

Anonymous said...

Side by side in the same bed?

Dingo said...

What a perfect day! I hope you made sweet potato fries. Yum!

Ha! WV=Chips

LesleyG said...

Perfect! And sweet potatoes are the best!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

That really does sound like an absolutely perfect day. With two perfect people, too, despite the size of your brains.

blakspring said...

sounds lovely. it's been ages since i ate sweet potato anything. thanks for reminding me of their existence.

Mike129 said...

:) Nice!

Too bad there are no cork recycling drop-off places out my way. I tend to generate, uh ... a few. :)

(Actually, more and more my favorite wineries are moving away from cork, and I am glad.)

geekhiker said...

Next time you're at Rocky Cola Cafe in Montrose, try the sweet potato fries. They drizzle them in cinnamon sauce...

Amy Turpin said...

YAY for small heads. I went to a girls night last night, and ordered the "manly" size beer...turned out to be bigger than my head!!!
Seriously, though, thanks for giving me hope. I'm going to have a day like this someday...and the way you described it, makes me want to get off my butt, put a smile on my face, and go out and find it!!!

LiLu said...

That sounds like an absolutely PERFECT day. :-)

Danielle said...

SOunds like an amazing day and if I ever decide to date again, this is what I will be looking for!