Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Black Gold, Black Death

A few weeks ago, Mr. Wonderful and I went to a screening of the documentary Fuel. The movie tracks the rise and fall of alternative fuel—namely corn oil which can be used to power diesel engines—and touches on the politics of the big oil companies and OPEC. It ends on a hopeful note, introducing the idea of diesel farmed from algae, which could completely change the fuel industry.

I have long had an issue with the oil industry. I hate that we have gone to war over oil. I hate that the execs at these mammoth companies—the good old boys of the industry—continually make record profits. But I really, really hate seeing oil-slicked pelicans on the TV.

It is so disturbing to me that innocent wildlife is being sacrificed because a greedy group of morons didn't want to keep their equipment up-to-date. As far as I'm concerned, they're murdering babies.

I try to do my part, but I know it's not enough. I know I should be riding a bike instead of driving a Prius. Or maybe I should be trying to get in the algae farming business and buy myself a diesel car. I know I'm a hypocrite because I love road trips. And it kills me that I am so reliant on something that causes death and destruction the world over.

I'm going to go donate a bunch of money to clean-up efforts now, to try to alleviate some of my guilt and hatred......

*** I'm back with some links that my awesome activist friend sent me. If you're interested in donating to organizations that are helping clean up the mess, check out these sites:

Mobile Baykeeper


Surfrider Foundation

To learn more cool stuff, check out this article: Honoring World Oceans Day


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I think it's important to have causes you believe in, but to also come to terms with how much you can support those causes ... whether it's monetarily or through lifestyle changes ... we can only do so much. If only everyone would take a few baby steps, then we'd be that much better off.

christina said...

Hey! Congrats on your efforts to DO SOMETHING. (as you always do) It's true that one person can't do everything, but also true that everyone needs to DO SOMETHING. The footage about the BP spill is harrowing, it hurts to watch. Thanks for directing people to some helpful places.

Jane Moneypenny said...

I struggle with the same feelings and I'm from New Orleans! It pains me to watch the oil spill, those animals getting hurt, people losing their jobs again... so I stay active in keeping aware of what's going on, started riding the bus to work and talking about the situation so people are no longer ignorant. The fact you even care is something already!

Mel Heth said...

Nilsa - You're so right. Baby steps are the way to go - little changes can make such a big difference. If only my family would start using the recycled shopping bags I bought all of them for Christmas...

Christina - Thanks for giving me places to direct people! You're like my lifeline to important causes!

Jane - I'm sure! As if it wasn't bad enough to go through Katrina, now this. It's horrible.