Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I've Been Shushed

I deleted my last post because apparently there are certain people who shouldn't be reading certain things about certain goings on. If you know what I mean... Thus, I shall be writing cryptically or on other topics altogether, henceforth. If you want to know any details about the stuff I said before, contact me via email. Or look for subtext. Well, maybe I'm not so good with subtext...

I guess I'm going to have to start flexing creative brain muscles instead of just regurgitating what's going on in my life. Nuts!


Danielle said...

That sucks. Who on earth can't read all of this good stuff?

laura said...

WTH? Shushed? Who is the a-hole that shushed you? (sorry if it was Mr. W, or your mom or sister -- they are not a-holes_...don't know what post you are referring to). :)

Mike129 said...


Okay, well, I'm still thinking good thoughts for you about the thing of which I have not official knowledge.


LesleyG said...

I have been reading posts on my phone in my reader, so I haven't been commenting. Unfortunately, over the last few days reading posts on my phone in my reader has also included beer, so I don't really remember.

That said, I have been meaning to say something like "squeeee, we are soul sisters again," because I, too, like design and I, too, have not done nearly as much in my current home as I thought I would initially. But for me, I think I'm getting a second wind, in the vein of new flooring and a kitchen remodel, so yay for design talk. Let's do it!

Also, I vaguely remember the last post now, so good thoughts headed your way!