Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Big Day for Equality

I am so lucky.

Not just because I met the man of my dreams, but because I know beyond a doubt that I will be allowed to marry him. I have that right.

And knowing now the excitement and gratitude that come with having a wedding on the horizon, I feel even more strongly that everyone should have that right. Sexual orientation should not disqualify you.

When I heard the news today that a federal judge in San Francisco overturned Prop 8 for being unconstitutional, I was ecstatic. I immediately started IMing my gay friends—one of whom was crying at his desk at work. I hope very much that this repeal sticks. But either way, it's progress we need.

Progress that's deserved for anyone who is in love like I am.


LesleyG said...

Everyone should be allowed to marry their soul mate.

Scribe said...

Ditto, Mel. Ditto. Love is love and it doesn't matter if it's between a man or a woman or otherwise. I too hope this repeal holds.

geekhiker said...

No kidding. For some real hilarity (albeit the annoying kind), read some of the dissenters of of the Judge's opinion.

I have no idea how the next stage is going to go, but if you read the ruling, it's a fairly strong case for the Prop to go down. Rights cannot be voted on, as they say, because they're rights.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

We were on vacation and still took out a moment to cheer. As sad as it is that we have to go through this lengthy process, it sure is amazing to be able to live through such historic times!