Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to Make a Vase out of a Wine Bottle

This may be the first of several peeks into the DIY activities of our wedding planning—and if you're not into DIY, I apologize for the boring post. If you like this kind of stuff, you'll love the degree of engineering Mr. Wonderful put forth to make it happen. Yet another reason he has earned that name.

A few months ago, I was on Etsy and I saw these. I thought they were so cute, and being the winos we are, Mr. W and I agreed it would be fun to try to incorporate something like them into our wedding decor. I loved the idea of using our favorite wines as the vases/table names so that people would look at their place cards and see "Melville Chardonnay" instead of "Table 8." Always up for a challenge, Mr. W started researching bottle cutting options. He tried the lighter fluid-soaked string approach. Then a tile saw. But this latest contraption really does the trick.

I have no idea how he figured out the best way to construct this little tool. I told him I want to enter it in the local elementary school's science fair. The bottom of the bottle rests on the rollers, and the opening fits on a (lubed with WD-40) rubber cork.

There's the bottle suctioned to the cork.

He then clamps a couple of blocks up against the bottom of the bottle to hold it in place as it spins on the wheels.

A simple glass cutter (you can get them at Home Depot for like $5) is then used to score the bottle at the point where we want it cut.

I don't know if the process really WAS easy or if he just made it look that way, but all he did was hold the cutter straight and spin the bottle on its rollers—and a perfect score line was made across the glass.

From there, we took the bottle to the kitchen where Mr. W had boiled some water and set up an ice bath. He poured the water directly over the score, then dunked it into the ice water. It took a couple rounds of this back-and-forth.

He tried pre-bathing the bottle before pouring the hot water on it, but that didn't seem to make the process any faster. You just kind of have to keep alternating between the hot and cold a few times.

Like magic, on about the 4th hot water pour, the bottle just sort of popped apart. No broken glass. No jagged edges. (The bottle above came out a tiny bit crooked, but the 3 he did before it were perfect). He plans to sand down the top of the vases with a dremel tool, so they're nice and smooth for the wedding. We think our guests will enjoy the little glimpse into what dazzles our vino-soaked palates.


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

First of all, that's super cool ... I didn't realize Mr. W was brain smart AND handy with his hands! Second, if dremeling them really does make it super smooth, it'd be cool to use them for water glasses, too! =)

Sizzle said...

That's so cool. It's like SCIENCE! ;-)

Danielle said...

That is really cool. Your wedding is going to rock!

laura said...


Jeff said...

A regular Melville MacGyver.

LesleyG said...

Okay, that is incredible!

JENNerilizations said...

you both need your own TV show.

Big Sister said...

Oh, Darrell is going to love this contraption. Mr. W definitely has some engineering nerd in him.