Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Breathed the Same Air as Oprah

And it wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. Maybe she's better one-on-one.

I saw her Tuesday at the Women's Conference of California. I've attended events around the conference in the past couple years, but this year I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the main event—where I got to listen to legends like Sandra Day O'Connor and Diane Sawyer, passionate powerhouses like Suze Orman and Jillian Michaels, and inspiring activists like Eve Ensler and Maria Shriver.

Michelle Obama also participated in the morning session, causing crazy human traffic jams thanks to the heightened security. Sadly, I didn't find her as compelling as I thought I would. She was good, don't get me wrong. I just expected to be more moved by her.

One of the highlights was listening to hilarious Brian Williams talk to NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, Nike chairman Phil Knight, and Starbucks President Howard Schultz about "Men Who Get It." I love that Brian Williams can deliver a joke just as well as the NBC evening news.

I almost rubbed elbows with Oprah's best friend Gayle King as she walked past me on the expo floor. And I was excited to see Rita Wilson up close. Jessica Simpson was adorable in person, and I wanted to put Giada De Laurentiis in my purse and take her home with me. I had her sign a cookbook I bought and I told her how much I loved her short ribs with chocolate recipe. She gave me a huge Giada grin and said, "Isn't it good?! Thank you for making it." How adorable is that? Seriously.

The theme of the conference was "It's Time," and at one point Maria Shriver spoke about all the different things it could be time for each of us attendees to do. It got me thinking about all the things it's time for in my life.

It's time to get married.
It's time to buy a house.
It's time to really, finally feel like a grown up.
It's time to stop stressing.
It's time to really learn to meditate.
It's time to make time to write.
It's time to stop making excuses.
It's time to lose the muffin-top.
It's time to expand my cooking horizons.
It's time to adjust my 401k allocation.
It's time to slow down.
It's time to do more for others and the world without sacrificing self care.
It's time to commit to change.

What time is it for you?


LesleyG said...

That does sound like a good day! And I'm sure Oprah air has it's qualities. I think being at a show taping would be far different than just being in the same room.

I'm not sure what time it is for me, which I'm sure doesn't come as a shock. Maybe it's just time for me to think.

Sizzle said...

Oprah doesn't do it for me. I thank her for helping me lose weight in my 20s but for the most part, she's just too big for her britches (not a weight comment!).

That's one powerhouse room of women. So cool that you got to attend. :-) I bet you and Giada are the same size- pocket sized.

What is it time for for me?

Mel Heth said...

Lesley - It was an awesome day - but overwhelming mentally and emotionally. Lots of cool people though. I think it's your time for a lot of things right now!

Sizzle - I think Giada is tinier than me. :) She was absolutely beautiful. I think I need to add your "It's Time" to my list!

Jane Moneypenny said...

It's time for me to get out of my rut!
It's time for me to find confidence.

What an awesome conference! All this female empowerment is making me want to beat men up. :P

brookem said...

sounds like a good day! i think giada is super cute.

i've been wanting to start meditating too...

someone's mom said...

I Iove going to a good conference. THey inspire, renew and uplift our spirits in a special way that refreshes life! And of course the vendors are great.

Scribe said...

It's time for me to shit or get off the pot and start making positive changes for my own happiness instead of dwelling. Phew! That feels better! Thanks Mel!

What a great conference!

Anonymous said...

What time is it for me? It's about 10 minutes to 1, actually. And because it's Friday, it's

wait for it

wait for it


(Okay, kidding. Like I would ever let a beer as terrible as Miller pass my lips. :D )

Mel Heth said...

Jane - You would have totally loved the conference. I said to my friend at one point "can you imagine how inspired and invigorated you would feel if you were exposed to this kind of energy every day?"

Brookem - If only we could do a skype meditation class together. :P

Someone's Mom - Absolutely. They make you feel like you need to start up all the things you've been putting off!

Scribe - Rock on, girl. Happiness is of the utmost importance.

Geekhiker - Even though I don't like Miller, I would love one right now! Although a Pacifico would really hit the spot. :)

blakspring said...

haha - it's time for me to birth this baby. and then i won't even have time to make a list of things it's time for.

Danielle said...

Really good post and the conference sounds like it was awesome.
Boy oh boy is it time for me to make huge changes.