Saturday, April 16, 2011

And a Happy Birthday Back Atcha

In honor of Mr. Wonderful's 37th birthday today and National Poetry Month (thanks for the reminder, Sizzle!)...

The rustling leaves of a eucalyptus;

The lingering tingle of morning kisses;

Hummingbirds bathing in a sage fountain;

Hollywood at the top of our mountain;

Bedroom darkness behind canvas drapes;

Little vines striving to deliver our grapes;

Cool wood floor warmed by the sun;

A glittering skyline when day is done;

The musk of espresso rich in the air;

Just enough couch for two cats to share;

Artichoke triplets nearly ready to eat;

The scratched tabletop where we rest our feet;

An open glass door with breeze blowing through.

Home is the space where I can be true.

More than a place.

My home is you.


Sizzle said...


What a beautiful sentiment for his birthday- so glad you participated.

Happy Birthday Mr. W!

(Aries unite!)

Susan in the Boonies said...

What a lovely poem!

LesleyG said...


Happy birthday, Mr. W!

Scribe said...

Absolutely lovely, Mel. What a great tribute!