Monday, April 11, 2011

Turning (T)Hurty-Five

Today is my last day of thirty-fourhood.

Many years back, I wrote a long list of goals for my life: places I wanted to travel, little life to-dos, and a couple of biggies with age deadlines attached. One of these was "Have a book published by 35."

As you all know, I've published a lot of blog posts. But I've yet to grasp the crispy body of an actual printed book with my name on its cover. And that makes the impending twist of tomorrow sting a little.

On the one hand, the whole "Do this by this date" kind of goal making is silly to me. Even if I'd been busting my hump writing novels and self help manuscripts every day I still may not be published by tomorrow. Fate does have a say in these things. On the other hand, maybe if I'd put a little more importance on my "By 35" due date, I would actually have a book published. Before tomorrow. Perhaps goal lists are great motivators. Particularly when you're the kind of person who has trouble motivating.

So I'm turning 35 and there's a big fat hole right there on my mental mantle. Sure there's a beautiful wedding picture up there and some truly amazing travels and lots of friends. But no book. Perhaps I'll have to scribble down "40" on the list.

Which reminds me, I'm hoping to cross at least one of my to-dos-before-40 off the list next month on my honeymoon. Yep, as mentioned in this post, I'm going to attempt to go topless on a beach. For five seconds. If I can handle it that long.

I also have some plans in the coming months that involve this blog. And a new one I plan to launch. And hopefully I'll be more disciplined about my writing projects, so maybe that published book will rear its head in this lifetime.

In the meantime, to make myself feel better, I launched an Etsy store today. There's barely anything on it—I have lots of work to do at home and lots of ideas populating this little brain. But I thought you guys would enjoy seeing the first draft:


HHP said...

You better start drinking a ton of wine lady! Those things are going to sell like crazy.

(I can help you if you need.)

Sizzle said...

It's good to have goals and dreams but life happens in its own time, doesn't it? Didn't we both think we'd be married before now? (Well, you are!) Do what you love, the rest comes. And if it doesn't, you don't really care cuz you're having such a good time.

That's how I'm trying to live as the clock ticks closer and closer to 40 (38 in a week!).

Happy birthday lady. I'm so glad to know you. xoxo

surrogate big sis said...

travel far (like my honeymoon in Tahiti) or Greece and do as the locals!... Go topless. If memory serves... a lot of those gals really should have had tops. This was all pre kids in my life so things were perky enough!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

FREE THE GIRLS!!!! That's what a few girlfriends and I said as we went topless on a beach in Spain. Trust me, when doing as the locals do, you'll feel much less self-conscious than if doing it on American soil.

And as far as those goals go, so long as you're enjoying life, I say to hell with lists with deadlines. You've got enough of those at work!

Happy birthday, friend!

brookem said...

happy birthday my dear! you've got a lot of good things ahead of you... i just know it.

and look at your little etsy shop! i love it!

LesleyG said...

While I think your book, whatever genre it is, would be wonderful, I believe you are still in for so much bigger than you can dream. Huge, in fact.

Happy birthday, my topless friend! (ha :) )

HunnerWoof said...

You never struck me as a numbers girl. Let it go...seriously.

Jeff said...

Like the cat, the wine bottles and the wedding shoes, I hope you'll be posting pictures of the beach adventure.

And take a look at

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mel!

As my birthday gift to you I shall try *cough* to feel sympathetic about your age. 'Youngin. ;)

blakspring said...

that's a sweet gig - you drink the wine and then sell the bottles so you can drink more wine - smart :)

and the topless thing won't feel weird when there are other women doing it. have fun!