Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Thing about Going Topless in Amalfi

If you read here regularly, you may remember that one of the goals of Mr. Wonderful's and my honeymoon was for me to go to a topless beach. Initially, it was one of my Things to Do Before Turning 40, but I think after I notified the husband of it, it quickly became an important goal for him.

Sorrento was our first coastal stop, and because it's mostly up on top of cliffs, I didn't see much hope for finding a beach. Next was Capri, where again it was quite a hike to get down to the coast.

"We'll find one in Amalfi," Mr. W assured me.

But Amalfi is quite small and the only easily accessible public beaches are right in the harbor. Our hotel was across the street from one, so after we checked in, I stood on our balcony and carefully examined its inhabitants.

They all appeared to be wearing bikini tops.

I told Mr. W that there was no way I was taking my top off when no one else on the whole beach was.

"I think maybe I'm just going to have to forgo crossing 'go topless' off my list," I said.

"Noooo," he whimpered like a kid who just had his gelato stolen.

Then he quickly offered a solution: we would rent a boat and take it around until we found a beach. There had to be a secluded spot somewhere where I could, as Nilsa says, Free The Girls.

This seemed like cheating to me. The original goal was to go to an actual topless beach and participate in the festivities. But I didn't want to let Mr. W down.

So we rented a boat.

Giancarlo and some other sunburned young Italian buck explained to us all the rules of boat rentals. They showed Mr. W how to operate everything and drop the anchor. Then they explained to us that we could only "park" 100 meters from shore and that under no circumstances could we go to the beach. Giancarlo had been arrested for doing so (which they both found hysterical...I'll bet he had a topless girl with him too...).

After dropping Giancarlo and his sidekick into another boat, we took off wondering whether "don't go on the beach" meant not to beach the boat or not to trespass onto any actual sand. I didn't want to risk it. Particularly if my tiny American tatas could be out in the open for the Italian polizia to behold.

But then I thought again of my sad puppy dog husband.

So when we found a beautiful little cove and he slipped the anchor into the Mediterranean, I untied my bikini.

The water was much too cold for me to swim to shore. But we did document the incident. And although you can't see them (thanks to my highly strategic cropping), my hands are making sure no one gets too good a view of what was going on.

I'm not sure this counts as fulfilling the actual goal, but considering how many barriers we came up against, it sure seemed like a good effort.


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

You can't be advertising that I once screamed FREE THE GIRLS! C'mon, I'm a respectable mama now and, well, that could ruin (or make?) my mama reputation! hahaha.

What a shame you couldn't just free the organically, in the moment, when everything was right. But, you know, I'm sure Mr. W loved that moment no less. Now, you just need to head to Spain, where the topless women are free and plentiful.

Mel Heth said...

Nilsa - You know that phrase can only make you cooler. Best Mom Ever. :)

I'm all about going to Spain next - trying to talk my niece into a little family trip next summer for her graduation. Although I'll have to break away from the fam if I'm going to go sans top!

Mandy_Fish said...

I went topless when I was in St. Tropez as a teenager. Recently I've read that going topless is no longer the norm in France. The younger generation frowns upon it as something their mothers do. Ha. Maybe the same change is occurring in Italy?

LesleyG said...

Haha! Good for you. In my opinion, as a girl who doesn't even like being topless in a locker room, I think it counts.

So love your Italy updates, by the way!

brookem said...

way to go! you totally get an A for the effort! and i no doubt imagine that mr. w had a big grin from your eagerness to make this one work! good girl!

Sizzle said...

I think it's awesome that you did it. Who cares if it was on a boat? It was in PUBLIC which is more than I can say I'd ever be up for. Hooray for you! And the girls!

laura said...

sounds like you are having an amazing time!!! keep the posts coming! :)

HHP said...

Next time when you go to Croatia you'll do it for real.

Mr. W. said...

Wife: :D thanks.

HHP: Does that mean YOU went topless in Croatia?

Janice MacLeod said...

It counts!

Wow, that was awkward said...

I bet Mr. W was bottomless.

Bif Sister said...

If you are planning to go topless on our little family trip to Spain, I can guarantee that Darrell will handcuff himself to you. And I will be photodocumenting, sans the cropping!