Friday, November 9, 2007

Sometimes I'm Amazed...

I love that every now and then, when I'm driving to work, I see something I would never expect to see.

When my company used to be in Old Town Pasadena, I would get off at the same freeway exit and every morning, the same homeless man would be standing on the corner. He was thin, shabby and unshaven and always had a bicycle laying nearby in the dirt. It wasn't too long before a woman began appearing at his side. I liked to think they were in love and that she made this next thing happen: One morning there was a huge bouquet of multi-colored balloons tied to his bicycle. I'd never seen anything like it and it made my heart swell. Seeing something so carefree and hopeful as a bunch of helium balloons juxtaposed next to someone so downtrodden was strangely sad and beautiful.

On another humdrum drive to my office's new location, I saw something peek its head over the wall of a corner-lot house. Upon second glance, I realized it was a llama! I've never seen it there again but what a funny treat to catch it bobbing up and looking at me that morning.

This morning, I was coming down La Tuna Canyon Road, getting ready to turn onto Wheatland when the traffic slowed. I looked to my right and there was a woman walking her dog...and two small ponies. On leashes! Never have I seen someone take their dog and ponies for a walk.

The sights and sounds of Southern California are something I adore. And I wish everyone else would pay attention to them a bit more. Keep your eyes open. Be curious. Take a different route—or just look more closely at the one you always take. You just might see something unexpected and wonderful.

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