Friday, November 30, 2007

The Weekend Getaway: Does It Really Mean Anything?

I remember the first time a guy I was dating invited me to go away for the weekend. I was thrilled to say the least (even though it was to go camping in the desert while we rode dirtbikes with his friends). That one invitation meant he liked me enough to want to spend a whole 48 hours with me. Uninterrupted.

Since then, I've always thought of the weekend getaway as a significant relationship step. In addition to the nonstop face time with one another, you cross little intimacy hurdles—like potentially deep conversations in the car or on the plane, having to shower and get ready in each other's presence...and let's face it...having to admit you go #2. Sorry, had to throw that one in. It's a big one.

The first weekend away can really make or break the future of your affair. If it goes well, you two may realize you want to spend even more time together in the real world. If it goes poorly, you may find you need to call it quits sooner than later.

Regardless of the outcome, the initial proposal of a getaway seems like a big indicator that things are moving forward. At least this is what I thought until I remembered the scene in Bridget Jones' Diary.

You see, Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant in the movie) invites Bridge to the country for the weekend. She is ecstatic. Obviously he's serious about her if he wants to take her away somewhere. But then, midway through the trip, he tells her he has to return home to do work he forgot about. She stays behind and then drops by his apartment on her way back into town only to discover him in bed with another woman! Clearly, in this case, the weekend getaway meant nothing and was absolutely not an indicator of his interest in Bridget—or his fidelity.

I know this is a fictional account, but it makes me men think the weekend getaway means something? Or is it just an excuse to have massive amounts of youknowwhat? Hopefully it's a combination of both...

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