Friday, December 14, 2007


In a world full of different personalities and perspectives, it's extremely easy to find reasons not to respect one another. We can look down on each other for political viewpoints, work ethics, health choices—even fashion decisions.

Our values may differ, causing us to believe one person is too wild, while another is too much of a stick in the mud. We label one person an airhead, and call the next a know-it-all. Turn our nose up at someone's too-short skirt and then chuckle at another person who dresses like an old lady.

With all the judgments that slide along our synapses each day, it's a wonder there aren't more wars being waged. Like I said, it's easy to flaw find.

But I believe that everyone has a reason to be respected. We each have something to offer that is good and necessary. And whatever it is, it may make up the bigger part of us.

So next time your coworker plays ditzy just to get attention, try to recognize her for her upbeat attitude or continuous punctuality. If we look for reasons to respect each other, maybe we'll find ourselves becoming a little more decent and respectable too.

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