Sunday, December 23, 2007

Restoring the Faith

How very easy it is to question your faith in people when you have a bad experience. Throw a second sour-tasting situation on the stack, and you may find yourself choking on a mouthful of cynicism and regret. With each additional upset, you'll have to fight harder and harder to keep perspective.

When a friend betrays you or a relationship fails, I think a little light inside you snuffs out. You wonder if you'll get hurt again—whether everyone is "like this."

The worst thing that can happen is that you actually lower your standards to meet the perceived benchmark. Or maybe (equally as bad) you become so bitter (at the entire male species) that you don't even let anyone try to disprove your new bleak outlook.

But eventually—if you're oh-so-lucky—something will happen to restore your faith. Maybe you hear or read an uplifting story, or maybe an acquaintance does something unexpected and thoughtful for you, or maybe you meet someone new who bit-by-bit discredits all your faithless notions. Someone who, instead of making you feel like a child, a babysitter, or a crazy person, makes you feel like a valuable commodity, a worthwhile adult, a woman.

And when that happens, the little light inside will become reignited. And over time, your faith will grow until there is a full-fledged fire burning inside you again.

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