Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mincing Words

This past weekend in beautiful Solvang, California, I met a new pastry that Mr. Wonderful affectionately referred to as “a little doughy ball of pleasure” (to which I of course said, “Oh you’re my little doughy ball of pleasure!” and he said, “Doughy?” Anywhoo…) It’s a Danish breakfast treat called an aebleskiver.

Best word ever, right? I have officially added it to my personal dictionary and have been calling Mr. W, the cats and anything else that strikes my fancy, “Aebelskiver.”

This morning in the shower, I realized you can easily substitute my new favorite word into Lionel Richie’s Penny Lover and Peaches and Herb’s Reunited. (Sing it in your head right now: “Aebelskiver and it feels so good…”)

Past terms that have made it into my everyday vocabulary include:

Krayzelburg: Attributed to Soviet Olympic swimmer, Lenny Krayzelburg, and used as a synonym for ludicrous. I.e. “Getting back together with your db ex-boyfriend would be totally Krayzelburg.”

Radicchio: A synonym for Krayzelburg, this one is derived from the lettuce.

Kife: Back in high school, my friends and I watched The Breakfast Club about 487 times. There’s a scene where Bender (Judd Nelson) says to Brian (Anthony Michael Hall), “Can I have my doobage?” But he says it so fast, it sounds like “Kife my doobage?” We adapted this faux verb to mean “steal.” I.e. “Someone broke into my locker and kifed my Taco Bell hot sauce supply!”

Poptard: This is another newish one for me. I often refer to Mr. W or other friends by the tasty term of endearment, “Poptart.” However, sometimes people act a little retarded—in a lovable way of course—earning them the “PopTARD” moniker instead.

Help me out, folks—what are some of your silly words I can add to my list?


brookem said...

ha, i love made up words! love them! yours are great.

hmm... well, the title of my blog is a made up word: skrinker. it's waaay too long to define here, but ive done a whole post about it. basically it's a word my college roommates and i made up.

then there's also the new version of "sketchy" that ive implemented- skutchy. it's pretty similar... i use it more as a nervous feeling, ie: I feel really skutchy about the way I look in this dress."

Alysha said...

Yummy! We would make those for breakfast growing up :-) But I always thought that they were Ebelskivers... after so long, I now know the truth! Glad you got to enjoy them!

Anonymous said...

Instead of making fun of my GIANT
big mama underwear, maybe they could be called aebelskivies!

Big Sister said...

My personal favorite, that has become a staple word for all my family and friends - Cuca. Definition - the word you teach your kids, so they don't blurt out vagina in the grocery store. Then, my husband coined the term "Cuca Swish" when he had to give one of the girls a bath when they were little. He didn't feel comfortable cleaning them "down there", so he just agitated the water in that vicinity, and decided they were clean enough. Hence, the Cuca Swish.

Lara said...

So I agree with big sister that cuca is an excellent word...as in "Tom Cruise turns frogs into beautiful cucas".

However, I have to give props to the frequently used word - wheezbach. This is the annoying flegm that you just have to cough up. If that flegm comes from a good, hard laugh, then it's referred to as a laughing wheezbach.

Mel Heth said...

Brooke - I want to read the post about "skrinker" now! Can you send me a link? :) Love "skutchy" too.

Alysha - They were quite good. Perhaps I'll borrow the new pan from Mr. W and we can make them some time!

AMOMymous - I think those gigantos would be more like AMPLEskivies.

Sister - I forgot about cuca swish. Kinda gross. Kinda funny.

Lara - Yeay! You have Internet access! Good call on the Wheezbach. Do you remember where we derived that from? Yes, Damien Weizbach Leich.

Laura said...

this question is for BIG SIS....why would your kids blurt out "vagina" in the first place???? A lot of strange words come up in my daily vernacular, but that is not one of them! :)

Sorry....don't have any good made up words to contribute...but I might coin a few of the ones posted on here, including ampleskivies That's a new favorite.

Mel Heth said...

Laura - Have you seen the ampleskivies? Does Pam wear them? I'm not sure AMPLE even does Anonymous's justice...

Michael C said...

Your fitting of that word into both Lionel R and Peaches and Herb just made you A WORDSMITH GENIUS in my book! Truly, truly amazing!

And anything doughy-y with powdered sugar has to be good. It was actually the 11th commandment.

laura said...

okay, thought of two of my favorites words....I can't take credit for making them up, but I use them ALL the time:

1.skinnyfatguy. Defition: A guy that looks skinny until he takes his shirt off, then you realize he's really a fat guy in disguise.
2. manboobs. No definition needed...but I LOVE that word!

And yes Melissa, Pam does wear the ampleskivies....but a few year's ago for mother's day i bought her some cute ones at Victoria's Secret. Still ample, but at least VS, not Hanes Her Way.

Anonymous said...

So maybe Laura needs to ask Pam about her new undergarments she received on the cruise!

laura said...

Anonymous -- I did hear about the undergarments....and heard you had one on your bed too....TMI from the old people. It's only fun when us younger folk talk about that....

Diz said...

I am now singing "Reunited" but with your new lyrics in my head and can't stop! That is hilarious. Lara took mine, cuz I was gonna say Wheezbach. I actually teach everyone I know about that and we use it frequently in my office. Goal-get it added to Websters Dictionary. LOL =o)