Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Some Things Just Fit

So we all already know about peanut butter and jelly. Siegfreid and Roy. Aloe and sunburns. But today, I’d like to recognize some lesser-known twosomes that make life a little brighter.

Salami and Parmesan cheese—Yes, some of you may have read my Thanksgiving post wherein I confessed by deep appreciation for salami. But paired with Parmesan and eaten like a little taco…that is truly the way the gods must’ve eaten it on Mt. Italy.

Popcorn and M&Ms—My high school boyfriend taught me this one. It’s the perfect PMS meal. Salty, sweet, crunchy enough to chew out a little frustration.

Breakups and Mandy Moore’s last album—Stop laughing. Seriously. It was really good. And after my ex-boyfriend slept with his married college girlfriend and pseudo-got her pregnant, it made a really nice sad soundtrack for me to listen to while poking holes in his pictures.

Bono and The Edge—Enough said.

Disco and rollerskates—I would have to do some research to properly pay tribute to the origin of this coupling, but its birthplace should be turned into a national landmark. My childhood wouldn’t have been the same without Xanadu.

Cats and haikus—I would never have thought to put these things together, but when I read my friend Anita’s post today, I was like DUH! What could really go together better than cats and haikus?!

I had to write one…

Drunk on our snuggles
Zoë puffs her tail and falls
Off the bathroom sink


Jane Moneypenny said...

OMG! Someone else that loves these things. Salami is good all the time, and parmesan is good on everything (try on corn of the cob). I also do the popcorn & M&Ms bit (parmesan sprinkled on popcorn also works. haha). Yeah, I'm a closeted Mandy Moore fan; it's the right amount of pity party.

Anonymous said...

Try popcorn and Milk Duds, you get the salty popcorn, gooey caramel, and chocolate. Perfect in a movie theater!

That is one very relaxed looking cat...

Anita said...

You must admit cat haikus are pretty addicting, no? They're like the level "hard" sudoku puzzles but aren't as frustrating b/c you can actually finish them. Thanks for not only writing this gem but linking to my post as well.

PS: Ashley says purr to Zoë

Hannah said...

Cat Haikus? Oooh I have some homework. I usually just make up silly songs about how great my kitties are. But I never wrote and ode. That sounds fun.

As for good combos...
Peanut butter and honey
Iced tea and lemon aid
Summer time and Ella Fitzgerald

P.S. WORD about Bono and The Edge.
Love love love them.

P.P.S your cat is Sooooo Cute :)

Diz said...

Hey, what about "skitems"? Our childhood M&M-Skittle matchup. MMMM...I can taste the chocolaty-soury goodness now! LOL

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

I've learned somthing new this day ;-)

Michael C said...

After reading this, I fear I am WAY OFF on today's cool matching and pairings. Here, let me try one:
The Captain and Tenille. Are they still cool??

Mr. W. said...

Everyone is forgetting the most important of all.


Mel Heth said...

Jane - If your travels around the world ever bring you to LA, we are SO eating salami and parm together.

Geekhiker - I feel that I may have tried the popcorn/Dud combo at some point. And I do believe it was delish!

Anita - Your haikus schooled mine. I think we should start a Crazy Cat Lady club.

Hannah - LOVE the summertime/Ella pairing! And your score just went up 150 points for telling me you love Edge and Bono. :)

Diz - OMG I forgot about Skittems! That now sounds a little gross to me, though. :P

Bossmack - Happy to help. :)

Michael C - Captain and Tenille are like Chanel and vodka - they never go out of style.

Mr. W - Aren't you cute writing on my blog! You know what goes together better than wine and cheese? Me and you! :D

Michael C said...

Phew!! I am so glad to hear that. I was worried that love may keep them together, but time may make them uncool. And Amen to all the Ella-loving going on.

brookem said...

we have oh so much in common! i love salami too, m&m's and popcorn (though ive never tried them in combo, but will now), mandy moore, and of course, cats!

and how cute are you and mr. wonderful going back and forth on your blog?!

laura said...

vodka and tonic????