Monday, November 9, 2009

The Dog Ate My Blogwork

So yeah…a whole week without blogging. I think it’s been awhile since I’ve done that. But really, it’s not my fault.

I’ve had to spend a lot more time doing other things lately.

Like washing my hands. With all those H1N1 germs floating around, I’ve been much more conscious about lathering up before I touch food or pick leftovers out of my teeth. Takes a lot of spare minutes out of my day.

And my allergies—oh my allergies. After the Muddy Buddy race last weekend, I had the worst allergy attack I’ve ever had in my life. It was miserable. I truly feel for anyone who has to deal with that on a regular basis. Wheezing = sucky. Sneezing every 5-10 minutes = torture. The gigantor pimple I got because the skin around my nose was so dry my sebaceous glands went into overdrive = epic. A huge thank you to Mr. W who let me use his neti pot (now that’s love) in my darkest hour. Anyway, all that noseblowing ate up a lot of my free time.

Then there were the cool Ugandan recycled-paper beads I bought at the Women’s Conference Expo. I just had to use some of my nighttime hours last week to make 6 necklaces out of them.

Some evening hours were also spent counseling a friend who is realizing the importance of finding joy in her everyday life. I was so impressed when I read that fellow blogger, Lesley took a huge leap toward making her work and life more pleasant by quitting a miserable job. I hope my friend can do the same. I know we all have financial obligations, but these are our LIVES. It’s SO not worth it to stay in a job, relationship, or other situation that swallows your happiness from sunrise to sunset. We all deserve to be happy. Every single day.

Speaking of happiness, Mr. Wonderful and I are celebrating our two-year anniversary Wednesday. This means, I’ve also had to spend a lot of time reading old email exchanges we had. Seeing our innocent, flirtatious notes—before I farted on his leg in my sleep; before he’d seen me with ratty hair and morning mascara-raccoon eyes; before I had watched him chase squirrels with the hose in the backyard—it all makes me need to dab my eye.

Dr. Oz is probably the final culprit in my posting procrastination. I record his show every day and feel that expanding my knowledge base to include things like: you shouldn’t hold your poop for more than 3 hours and cats are more likely than dogs to carry MRSA bacteria is way more important than writing about how livid I am that the gay marriage law got repealed in Maine. Or not. I guess I should be writing about important stuff like that…

I’ll go ahead and try to find some more hours in my day(s). But if I come down with Swine Flu, I’m totally blaming the Internet.


SoMi's Nilsa said...

Well, maybe not the whole internet should be at fault. But that mouse? I'd put that mouse high on the suspect list. =)

Hannah said...

I'm sorry to hear about your allergies. If it makes you feel any better mine have been awful too. I think I have had a sinus headache everyother day.along with itchy eyes and sneezing. But the neti pot has saved me. I hope you feel better soon. :)

Wow, that was awkward said...

Why would one hold one's poop at all? That is gross. What do you do with it? Show it to people. Juggle it?

justrun said...

I made seven paper bead bracelets last year. I became a little obsessed, but for such a good cause!

thecoconutdiaries said...

Happy early anniversary! Farts and crusty eyes are just the beginning. You it's true love when he makes that tampax run.

Anonymous said...

Is it really a bad thing when leading a dynamic, interesting life gets in the way of blogging?

Mel Heth said...

Nilsa - Yeah mice always carry germs. Maybe I caught the non-blogging plague!

Hannah - You have a neti pot?! Awe that warms my heart a little.

Wow TWA - Are you one of those guys who has sharting accidents often?

JustRun - Awesome! I didn't know you were a jewelry-maker too!

Coconut - Hahahaha good call!

Geekhiker - Hmm watching Dr. Oz and washing my hands too much doesn't seem too dynamic to me. ;)

Scribe said...

Glad you're back blogging more. I too am looking to find more joy in everyday life, though I haven't quit the sucky-ass job yet. That's next on the list. First on the list is finding a better job!