Monday, November 16, 2009

Yuppie Dinks

This weekend, Mr. Wonderful and I headed to the Santa Ynez valley in Central California for a lovely stint of wine tasting. Some might call such a getaway hoity toity. My nine-year-old niece once made fun of us for going to a wine class, pantomime-reading a “class book” saying, “Ooohh how interesting—you DRINK it.” But we find great joy in the whole swirl, sniff and sip experience.

As I helped Mr. W carry his things down to my already loaded car, he told me not to look in his gym bag.

I know what you’re thinking. That inside the bag, there was a little black velvet box.

Well, there was a boxy black item in there, yes. But it was Mr. W’s Nespresso machine. He actually packed the whole thing (with a zip-lock of free-trade raw sugar) so he could enjoy coffee the way HE likes to drink it.

I believe he had a shot before we went for a morning jog Saturday. And perhaps another before we headed to the top-rated restaurant Root 246 for dinner.

I’m not sure when I had my oh-my-god-we’re-such-yuppies moment, but it suddenly seemed to me that when you added everything up, we were walking stereotypes. Then again, I’m not sure that true yuppies do all the stuff we do…

Like when we were trying to take a self portrait on this beautiful country road and I couldn’t seem to keep my eyes open in the bright sun, and Mr. W said, “Tardball, stop making that blinky face.” I must have laughed about 42 more times throughout the afternoon over that one. “Tardball.” Yuppies don’t talk like that.

And I don’t think they crack up about farts when they’re jogging.

Nor do they show off their mad female burping skills at 10 a.m. while drinking Dr. Pepper instead of coffee.

And they most certainly don’t buy gummy worms and melon rings at the gas station then stick the two together in an obscene way before chuckling and eating them.

So even though we ARE young, urban professional, double income, no kids kinda people, I think we’re still relatively down to earth. Especially if the earth has wine grapes growing out of it.


SoMi's Nilsa said...

Sounds like the kind of weekend Sweets and I would love. Maybe next time the trip should be a double date! That is, unless Mr. W has a special velvet box in his gym bag, in which case, I want nothing to do with your special weekend away! =)

justrun said...

"And I don’t think they crack up about farts when they’re jogging."
Oh yes, but they do!

Okay, I do.

brookem said...

you two are the cutest!

harrods said...

yuppie dinks -- we have been accused of falling into that same category...and you KNOW we laugh at farts and burps... :) Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend!

laura said...

okay...why do i keep accidentally typing harrods as my name?? it is mypassword for something i keep automatically using it for everything.

Dingo said...

Tardball? Please don't tell me that has given your Big Sis any gift giving ideas this year.

Dingo said...

Um, I meant, "turdball."

Jane Monepenny said...

Wow, I haven't been on a romantic trip with a guy in a long time. Wait, make that never. When it finally happens, I'm just going to base my standards on your stories. :P

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... but, had blogs been around during the 80's (i.e. height of yuppie era), do you not think that said yuppies would have been blogging their wine-tasting experiences, including all the cute nicknames and candy bought at gas stations?

I'll let you ponder that for a minute.

Mandy's Kidding said...

Don't worry. You're not DINKs. You'd have to live together to be DINKs.

So you're still Yuppie SINKs.


Mandy's Kidding said...

Wait! Did I miss a blog? Did you two move in together? If so, my bad.

thecoconutdiaries said...

I love your niece's reaction to wine class. Adults must seem so strange to children. Kids spend their days DYING to get out of a days worth of free class while we grown ups actually SPEND MONEY on 1-2 hour classes. Maybe kids are smarter than us afterall.

Sizzle said...

I like a little yuppie time and wine. :-)

Mel Heth said...

Nilsa - This is what I'm saying! Come out in May and we'll do the half marathon through the wine country - then drink a bunch!

JustRun - Hahaha well then I say you're not an official yuppie either. :)

Brookem - No YOU!

Laura - I love that you called yourself Harrods - it's so fitting. You guys are for sure yuppie dinks, so I guess maybe the farting and burping is part of the grand persona afterall.

Dingo - Tardball, there will be no turdballs in the family. Are you coming out to celebrate the holidays with the Hetheringtons finally? :P

Jane - Well that's a darn nice compliment! And you WILL find him. Do I need to make you a t-shirt that says that for you to remember?!

Geekhiker - Uh you think "tardball" is a cute nickname? It's short for retard ball...not so cute.

Mandy - We didn't move in together. With all the talk of bodily functions, though, I think maybe we're STINKS.

Coconut - That's a really good point...although we get to get drunk at our classes! Makes it all worthwhile.

Sizzle - Absolutely. Have you hit any good wineries up in Seattle?

Anonymous said...
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Big Sister said...

Dingo- I promise no balls made out of turds. I do draw the line somewhere....I think I have the year off - it's cousin's turn to surprise me this year, and I'm getting a little nervous. He may think turdballs are perfectly acceptable.