Monday, August 2, 2010

I Fought the Dress and the Dress Won

Friday afternoon I went to another bridal salon. I'd made peace with the fact that I might need to stretch my budget a few hundred, and I was trying to be open-minded about styles because you just never know what might look good on you. That said, some of my cynicism still lingered. It's just a stupid piece of clothing that you wear one day of your life.

Our salesgirl was delightful, chatting me up as she clamped me into over-sized gowns while my mom, sister and niece waited outside on the couch. The first dress elicited gasps and doe eyes from my relatives. Even I was taken aback at how beautiful it was. And it fit me in a way I'm not sure any other dress has in my life (in terms of the lines, not the clamps).

Dress #2 was also gorgeous. Again, the family swooned when I walked out to show them.

I tried on 5 or 6 more, each stunning in their own way...but the first two were the clear winners. I had a choice to make. Suddenly I was invested in this whole dress business.

I put on the first dress again and this time our lovely salesgirl brought me a veil. She attached it to the crown of my head as I stood on one of the seamstress floor-risers. My mom and sister were behind me, fanning out the train. I looked at myself. I looked at my family. And then without any warning, I burst into tears.

NEVER would I have predicted this would happen to me. I am the jaded bride. Not the weepy one. But there I was, overflowing with this feeling of rightness and joy that THIS was the gown for me.

The tears were such a surprise—totally unexpected. I realize now that it could have been the reality of the entire situation setting in, in a single moment. I'm marrying Mr. Wonderful. I'm going to walk down an aisle toward him and make lifelong promises. And for whatever reason, I could see myself doing it in THAT dress.

I thought I would be happy just to check the darn dress shopping off my list. But now, like a big schmoopy chick, I'm happy that I bought a dress I absolutely love.


Mom & Dad said...

And you are beautiful in it, without a doubt. The perfect bride, the perfect dress, and the perfect man. What more can you ask for. Mr. W too, will shed a tear when he sees you walk down the aisle. We are so excited and happy for you. You have the "glow".
Love, Mom & Dad

mom said...

What's with mom & amp?

Jane Moneypenny said...

Aw man, now you worry me. Not that I'm any way close to being married or finding a boyfriend or a date... but I've always swore I would never be a wedding dress girl... oh gosh. I bet that dress looks amazing on you!

Scribe said...

Congrats Mel! I too never thought it was all about the dress, but maybe the reality of the whole I do for the rest of your life thing. I didn't cry but I didn't marry Mr. Right. Congrats on finding Mr. Wonderful and the most wonderful dress for you!

surrogate big sis said...

I know where you can get some "puffy painted" shoes to match!. We are all SO excited for you!

Mandy said...


brookem said...

aww! so sweet! i want to see!

laura said...

Yay!!! Yuo got the dress!! (even though I'm pretty sure I knew minutes after you burst into tears!). You must keep up wiht the blogs and Facebook posts faster than our mom's can't get on the phone...

(by the word verification is BEDSTER)

GeekHiker said...

Is this the first step on the journey to becoming a "bridezilla?" ;)

If you feel awkward about the "only use once thing," aren't there places that will accept donated dresses for those who can't afford to spend hundreds on a nice wedding dress?

Danielle said...

Pictures please!

blakspring said...

aaawww, i'm so happy for you. i totally understand where the tears come from. the world is a crazy place and it feels sooooo good when things come together. hugs!

Rachel said...

yay!!!! that's so exciting :) I can't wait to see pictures.

hey - some of my comments aren't showing. i wrote one asking if the worm ring was in a shadow box yet and a congrats one on the pic of the real ring and I don't see em. weird or are you deleting me? lol.

Sizzle said...

Finding the perfect dress is sort of akin to finding the perfect man to marry on a much lower scale. At least, that's what Say Yes to the Dress has taught me.

I can't wait to hear what it looks like (and see pics!).

Mel Heth said...

Mom - The &amp symbol is just the system doing a weird thing around your ampersand. I definitely have the perfect man, but I'm not sure I'll be the perfect bride... Thanks for the confidence though!

Jane - You very well could end up a wedding dress girl. I never expected it... It could creep up on you too!

Scribe - Thank you! :) I've been through so many bad relationships, I can't help but cry over how good this one is.

Surrogate Sis - Haha puffy paint. Thanks for the congrats!

Mandy - :)

Brookem - I might keep the dress a secret until real pictures are taken on THE day.

Laura - Bedster hahaha I love it. My mom is a quick-draw on the phone. I can't believe I beat her.

GeekHiker - There are places that take donations like that, but apparently my 12 year old niece already has dibs on it for when she gets married. ;)

Danielle - You'll have to wait until March. :)

Blakspring - Yeah it does feel good to know you're taking a step that's right.

Rachel - Pictures will come after the wedding, methinks. I'm glad we resolved the comment issue. I'm sorry the system didn't like you. :P

Sizzle - I'm so glad you watch Say Yes to the Dress too. It's kind of a lame show...but I pretty much tune in every Friday night. Finding the right dress was great, but nothing beats finding the right guy!

LesleyG said...

Awww! That is so great! I have to admit even I, the jaded one that could care less about the wedding, do care a little bit about dresses.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I want pictures!!! =) Very excited for you to have this big task done and to have fallen in love in the process!

Big Sister said...

This is even more entertaining to read, after reading the post that comes right before this one! "Miss I don't care about the dress that will make me burst into tears!" Well, Thank God we found The One, and we can check that off the list!!!