Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nothing Says Happy Birthday Like Telepathy and a Toilet

You know how some people start to look like their pets after they've had them awhile? Well over the last couple years, Mr. W's brain has started looking like mine. Or maybe mine looks like his. Anyway...

I think it all started when I bought him port wine glasses pre-Christmas of '09...and then a week later he bought himself port glasses—even though we never really talked about him needing a set. Then there was this incident with our trip to Napa last year. Then there was the day a few weeks ago when I watched Mr. W pick up the exact same things in the exact same order that I had just picked up at Williams-Sonoma.

But the kicker happened sometime last week.

Since the wedding, we've been working hard on sprucing up our yard—Mr. W even replaced a faulty backyard waterfall with the cool pot fountain below.

As part of our spruce spree, we've been doing a lot of browsing at different pottery/plant/pond stores, and we've come across quite a few adorable Buddha statues. I told Mr. W I thought we should get one for the backyard. Then I was at one of the local malls and wandered into a sort of ramshackle Asian store that had Buddha statues in the window. I bought a small one for Mr. W to keep on his desk and another for me to keep on mine.

When I got back to work, I IMed him to announce that I'd bought him a present. "I ordered one of your birthday presents just now," he replied.

At home, I handed over my jolly Buddha treasure and he just stared at me. "Did you buy me a Buddha statue for my birthday today?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

This little guy arrived yesterday. How cute is he, seriously?

Buddha wasn't the only special treat I got from Mr. Mental Telepathy. He also made me fantastic French toast with strawberry-mascarpone spread on Tuesday morning for my b-day.

And when I came home that evening, there were several surprises waiting for me.

But the best surprise by far came on my birthday eve, when I walked through the front door to discover this right in our entryway. Bow and all.

Because nothing says, "Happy Birthday" like a shiny new crapper.


blakspring said...

you guys are awesome. also, i want to move in with you because the house looks awesome. i'll even live in a tent in the yard with buddha!

LesleyG said...

Haha! This is all so cute, but as a practical gift lover (as opposed to practical joke lover?), the toilet is just super!

Sizzle said...

Dang it! I forgot to put "toilet" on my birthday wish list.


It's great that you think alike even if it gets in the way sometimes of birthday surprises. I am slightly envious that you have a man who will make you french toast.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Awww, I love the Buddha story. So cute! And I think Mr. W was trying to say, "I love you so much I want you to have Buddha to pray to in the yard and this porcelain shrine to pray to in the bathroom." ha.

HHP said...

With all your toilet humor lady... nothing could be better!

Jeff said...

Let me just say there is nothing - nothing - like a great toilet to come home to. I have nothing but respect for people who write about there toilets. I wonder why that is? Maybe this has something to do with it:

Jeff said...

Should be "their" toilets. I got so excited talking about it I forgot how to spell.

Mandy's Kidding said...

Oooh. Is that a low-flow toilet?

mom said...

You're starting out early! Your dad and I have shared the same thoughts for many years and even crave the same foods at the same time. But that has come with years of history! And the practical gifts too. Can't say I've ever gotten a new toilet though for a gift.
They always say you look for a husband with traits of your father.

Anonymous said...

Um,... Happy birthday, I brought you a toilet? That's awesome on a whole new level.

laura said...

Umm...I would hope that toilet was hooked up when I got home, because seriosuly I would sh*t if that is what my husband got me for my birthday. :) But glad you're happy!!