Monday, July 27, 2009

High Minds and Small Crimes

This past weekend, Mr. Wonderful rented a car for us so that we could drive to Oxford, Stonehenge and a spot he’d picked out along the southern coast.

I’ve always known that Mr. W had some dreamy, mad skills—like small plane piloting, bathroom remodeling, and excellent spreadsheet development—but watching him drive a stick-shift with his left hand on the wrong side of the street was nothing less than hot. He circled the roundabouts like a pro and navigated streets like he’d lived here forever.

We lucked out with gorgeous weather in Oxford; the blue skies were an incredible backdrop for all the gothic buildings. Being highly civilized, we stopped for afternoon tea. It was Mr. W’s first time and although he liked it, I’m not sure he was nearly as pinky-out poised and proper as I was…

After agreeing to quit our jobs and go back to school at Oxford (because there’s no doubt we could both get in through the senior citizen program) Mr. W and I hit the road and planned to make the most of our weekend vehicle with a trip to the grocery store.

We stopped off home to grab our recycled bags, and when we went to get back in our sweet, electric blue Nissan, Mr. W realized he had left the security gate clicker inside the car. We were locked on the other side with no way of getting in.

“I guess we’ll have to go to one of the neighbor’s doors and see if they’ll come let us in,” I said as I peered through the bars trying to find a back entrance.

Mr. W was inspecting the electrical box…and the next thing I knew, the gate started sliding open.

“What’d you just do?!” I asked.


“Did you just hot wire the security gate?”


Although Mr. W’s mug may be hanging in the local post office soon, his hotness quotient has now reached an all-time high.


brookem said...

ha! mr. w has so many talents!
and how cute are you with the tea!

Mandy's Kidding said...

That's hilarious.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

We're going to the (British) Cayman Islands next year and were dead set on NOT driving while there due to the wrong side of the road issue. But, your comments about hotness and Mr. Wonderful driving stick on the wrong side of the road has me rethinking our plan. hehehe.

justrun said...

Is it wrong that I probably paid a little TOO much attention to what was on your plate in that tea photo?

And go Mr. W with revealing all the new talents!

Mel Heth said...

Brookem - He is very talented. Sometimes I think he's a cyborg.

Mandy - All fun and games until the British police come haul him off...

Nilsa - Mr. W was reading over my shoulder and he said that driving in the Caymans is a snap. But apparently the crabs crawl all the way onto the roads - so you have to be careful not to run all of them over.

JustRun - No! You should be looking at the plate! It was tasty! That cake was so decadent, and the tea was really good.

Big Sister said...

I was staring at that plate too, thinking that beats the heck out of the Trader Joes fat free carmel corn I was chowing down this afternoon. You know all that whining you're doing about the weather there doesn't make me feel sorry for you one bit.

Rachel said...

Wow, I'm immensely impressed with his ability to drive a stick with his left hand on the wrong side of the road.

I'm insanely jealous of your weekend!

Mermanda said...

He's like your own personal James Bond!

Dingo said...

Men driving stick shift are hot. Men driving stick shift, having tea, hot wiring an electrical box? *fanning self* When is he going to start speaking with an English accent? Because you know he has that in his repertoire as well.

Mel Heth said...

Sister - It was way better than caramel corn. And I have officially stopped whining about the weather.

Rachel - I can't do either of those things independent of one another, let alone at the same time. I was impressive, indeed.

Mermanda - Totally - I've teased him about that many times.

Dingo - Crack up... Sadly the English accent seems to be a weak point for him. But it's very entertaining hearing him attempt it. He did, however, refer to someone as a "chap" the other day. Close enough, I think. ;)