Monday, July 13, 2009

I Am Here

I’ve always liked the John Mayer song, Why Georgia? As I waited to de-board the plane, balancing my carryon luggage on the seat next to me, feeling the humidity begin to work its way in around me, that song started to play from somewhere above.

“Am I living it right?” John asked.

I can remember driving home from work 5 years ago and asking myself that question as I listened to the song. “Not quite,” I thought. “But someday.” This time when I heard it, there was no question about it. Yes. Yes I was living it right. I am living it right.

Seeing Mr. Wonderful at the airport in his hip new British t-shirt further confirmed it. This is where I’m supposed to be right now. He feels like home.

He took me to a delicious little tapas restaurant for dinner that night. We polished off a bottle of red wine then walked to a pub called The Old Ship, where I proceeded to down another glass of chardonnay—telling him repeatedly, “You shouldn’t have given me this one! I’m drunk!”

It started to rain on our walk home, and my wet feet slipped out of my flip-flops about five times. California Girl: Welcome to Richmond upon Thames.

Yesterday we went into London proper and did some shopping at Harrods. Well, you might not really call it shopping… Mr. W did buy a heart monitor watch, but we were really there for the cheese. We bought 3 kinds, plus some salami and prosciutto. Then we had to buy frozen broccoli to keep it all cold in the bag while we walked around some more. The city was crazy busy—I much prefer the pace out here on the outskirts.

Although…the outskirts can be a bit crazy in their own special way. This morning I went for a walk in the huge park by the Penthouse, and I got lost for about 40 minutes. Being lost in the wilderness is a little scarier than the city, I think. At least in the city you can ask anyone you see for directions or buy a map. I had to follow the Canadian geese and the position of the sun. Okay not really…I asked some people…but it did take me awhile to find them. Pictures to come of the deer I hung out with.


Wow, that was awkward said...

Look at that white furniture! You better stay off it.

Lara Watkins said...

Awesome! I'm jealous already...and I am even more in love with you for referencing my boyfriend.

Ever since you told me about the possibility of this trip, it just seemed so right. I'm glad you made this decision and that you have this amazing opportunity. I can't believe the time has already come. Enjoy it and give Mr. W. my love!

brookem said...

you made it!! woo! sounds wonderful so far! even the getting lost bit... something magical about it.
i have a good feeling about this trip...... ;)

SoMi's Nilsa said...

You worked hard to make *this* time in your life happen. It's about time you get to enjoy it!

Dingo said...

Remember when I said that you're lucky your so nice because I'd hate if you weren't. I've changed my mind. You're still nice but I hate you. In that your my friend, I'm glad you're having a nice time, say hello to Mr. Wonderful, I love London, WHY CAN'T I BE THERE kind of way.

laura said...

awesome...keep those stories coming!!!

justrun said...

Reading this is SO great! Thank you for sharing it.

Dingo said...

I had to come back because I am so glad you did this I wanted to tell you how proud I am of you doing. You are living your life. I mean REALLY living it.

Mel Heth said...

Wow TWA - I'm planning to eat chocolate on the white furniture every day.

Lara - I wish you were here!!! I need a playmate.

Brookem - Thank you! After several glitches with my working situation yesterday, I need all the good feelings I can get. :)

Nilsa - Yes, I hope the enjoyment continues to grow as I get settled in.

Dingo - Didn't I tell you you could come stay with us? I hate you for not booking a flight... :P

Laura - I'm sure there'll be a new one almost every day!

JustRun - Thank you for reading it!

Dingo - Thank you. :) I needed that today - it's pouring rain.

Mermanda said...

Very excited for you! Enjoy every second!

Sizzle said...

I still can't get over how pretty that place is. I'm so glad you're exploring and having a good time. Relish in it!

Anonymous said...

Getting lost in the wilderness and spending time in penthouses? I'm starting to think you're losing your outdoor cred. ;)

Mel Heth said...

Mermanda - Thanks! I'm trying. :)

Sizzle - It's beautiful...except for the spiders.

Geekhiker - I'm not used to sprawling landscapes that have a million different trails! I was trying to do a loop and I turned at the wrong place somewhere...but I found my way home - so I think my cred is intact. :)