Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Goose and Other Bumps

You know how sometimes when you’re sitting in an airplane, thumbing through a People magazine, drinking your ginger ale, listening to Zero 7 on your ipod, you forget you’re actually inside a metal tube that’s hurtling through the clouds? You get so lost in your own little world that you might as well be reclining in a movie theater, grounded, static. Maybe even stagnant. Until some turbulence rattles you awake and you realize you’re already halfway to Denver.

Or you’re driving your car down a tree-lined street at dusk, paying more attention to your mental list of To Dos for the night—laundry, dinner, yoga, Netflix—that you forget you’re operating 1500 lbs. of machinery. Then THUNK! You bounce over a speed bump and grip the steering wheel, suddenly conscious of the responsibility in your hands.

Sometimes the bumps wake us up. They pull us out of our own heads and remind us that we’re in motion. That we’re participating in something.

The little hurdles we hit in relationships have the same ability—to shake us awake and shove us forward. I guess if there’s not enough momentum, it’s possible to reach the crest and then slip backwards down the hill…but this post is about making it over the top. Because, thankfully, that can happen when you really want and need it to.

And maybe if you’re lucky, after you traverse the bump together, you’ll be saying goodnight on IM. And you’ll thank the other person for being so sweet, understanding and non-judgmental. And that person will tell you they like that you two are different. And that they love you just the way you are. They love you. Love. You. And even though it’s over IM, it will almost jolt you out of your seat. And you will get goosebumps. And you will feel more alive and wrapped in a moment than you’ve felt for quite some time.


Nilsa S. said...

Great post! This past month or so has been full of bumps for my fiance and me. Selling one home. Buying another. And living temporarily in yet a third will do that to ya. But, you're so right. When you realize you're traveling this road together? And you're going to enjoy the fruits at the end? Well, it makes it oh so worth it.

Dingo said...

Just a note of encouragement: Mr. Dingo and I didn't just hit bumps, we hit buckle your seatbelt turbulence. And you know what? It showed me that this he is the man I want to be with for the rest of my life for many of the reasons you mention.

laura said...

so he finally said I love you??? (via IM of course). :)

Anita said...

The goose kind don't feel as exhilirating without the other bumps (if that even makes any sense!)

brookem said...

a little turbulance i think helps to keep you grounded (that sounds weird to write, but you know what i mean?)... glad to hear you and mr. wonderful are doing well.


Michael C said...

This was really beautiful. The first part of the post reminds me how every now and then I fall out of bed and need to remember what an awesome reponsibility it is laying 3 feet off the ground and how I should sleep closer to the center than the edge.

But seriously, beautiful post!!

Anonymous said...

A relationship is a bit like a flight on a two engine airplane: occasionally, you'll hit a little turbulence, but a well built plane is made to easily get through a little turbulence. The important thing is that both engines are keeping the plane cruising through the air.

Sounds like your flight is going just fine. :)

JustRun said...

Ah, that's pretty awesome.
I don't quite think I know/remember that feeling, but you're right about the bumps. They come when we need them.

Jane Moneypenny said...

Okay I'm actually returned and now catching up w/ the blogs. Oops and yes, that's me on the last comment. Forgot to login as Jane. European keyboards and I are not friends...

As for bumps, I think they're good sometimes, like you said. Kinda shake you a little. If I didn't have a bump, I would have never did what I just did. If he's worth it, if it's all worth it, the bump will be something you poke at later on and laugh.

Alysha said...

Fabulous post. Love the message. Love the writing. Love hearin about the love!

Mel Heth said...

Nilsa - Thanks! I would imagine that the months leading up to a wedding are bumpy. I'm sure your road will smooth out after the big day. ;)

Dingo - Awe, that sounds like the rollercoaster of love. Glad you had your seatbelts on!

Laura - YES! I'm so relieved.

Anita - Makes perfect sense. You've got to have the bitter to appreciate the sweet.

Brookem - You're right. It totally alters your perspective.

Michael C - Awe, but I'm sure your wife is right there to pick you up, dust off your head and put you back into bed, right?

GeekHiker - Love the analogy. And yes, I think my flight is going quite well. :)

JustRun - Yeah, it's amazing how stuff works out when we need it to.

Jane - Is T-Ho your alter ego? :P We definitely need to be shaken every now and then.

Alysha - Glad you like hearing about it because I'll probably be chewing your ear off tomorrow night! :P

Anonymous said...

Bumps are good - that means your living, life isn't always smooth - in the end all those bumps make you stronger. Take it from a girl whose had many bumps, hell potholes even & in the end he's who I want, I wouldn't trade it for a thing.

You've Got To Be Kidding Me said...

I always think the bumps mean we're all gonna die...and then I chill out and realize that we're not.