Thursday, June 26, 2008

Miss Schmindependent

Yesterday I took this quiz on Oprah’s website to determine what my excuses were for not dealing with my money and securing my financial future. It’s not that I am a bad money manager by any means—I pay my bills, almost own my Prius outright, have a nest egg for a condo—it’s just that beyond knowing how to open a savings account and use online banking, I’m kind of inept. I don’t really dabble in the stock market. I don’t pay attention to how my 401(k) funds are performing. Why? Because I don’t want to deal.

But after taking Jean Chatzky’s test, and assessing my answers, I felt a bit panicky about not having a smarter handle on my money. So, of course, I IMed Mr. Wonderful and asked him if he would help me look at my fund allocations and change things up to make more sense.

See, even though I’ve lived on my own (sans roommates) for the last 10 years… And I bought my car (without anyone guiding me) last year… And I’m not afraid to go walking solo at night… And I’m capable of functioning as a whole, single person in society… I really want to hand certain things off to a man in my life.

For a long time (and even sometimes now) I would turn to my dad for assistance with those things I consider men’s bidniz. But Mr. Wonderful is such a brilliant (hot), accessible (precious) and valuable (megawatt sexy) resource, I can’t help but want to run to him for help now.

After we looked over my Vanguard account online last night, he handed me a book about investing. I don’t wanna read the book. I want him to say, “Oh, here’s what you need to do. No scratch that, just let me do it for you.”

I wanted him to say that when he offered me a spare wireless Internet thingee, too. I don’t even know what it is exactly. It’s not a modem. It’s a plug. And I want him to install it. Just like I want him to take my garbage cans out to the curb. And get the oil changed in my car. And water my plants. And change lightbulbs that are too high for me to reach. And figure out my new cell phone. And man the BBQ. And carry in the groceries. And manage my freaking retirement funds.

Yes, I am an independent woman of the 21st century, and it makes me very whiney.


laura said...

Amen, sister. I'm all for being independent...but i call on my hubby and my dad all the time when I just don't feel like dealing with certain things.

Anonymous said...

If those are the things women want, why the hell am I still single? LOL I should totally take that second to last 'graph for an online dating profile ("I'd be willing to do this:")!

Kidding aside, these days, with the demise of the pension plan, you practically need to be a finance major to retire. Thank God for the financial planner... :)

Dingo said...

I think independence is knowing you can and will do things if you have to and knowing when to have someone else do things for you.

I am totally fine leaving certain things to Mr. Dingo -- like reading those boring prospectuses (prospecti?).

Wow, that was awkward said...

Does Mr. W read your blog? His honey-do list is getting pretty big.

I'm going to Vegas later this year - in case you want me to reinvest some of your cash-ola. Red or black?

Alysha said...

I cannot wait to hand off a lot of those things. Although, certain things, like the first time I changed my car tire by myself, make me feel pretty proud. But a lot of that other nonsense - totally ready for my knight in shining armor to take it away!

Anonymous said...

I'm so with you on all of these things! As much as I like to say I'm independant and I don't need a man to survive I DO! I don't manage our money (hell somedays I couldn't even tell you what I have in my checking), I don't know how to cook, oil & gas nope. I depend on my husband for all those things, it's so 1950's housewife of me but I can't help it. I think we won't the best of both worlds really. And you know, I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

Anita said...

100% agree with everything you said. We're just wired differently that's all. It also doesn't help that our wiring prompts us to spend $300 on an awesome handbag instead of saving it for the future.

Jane Moneypenny said...

Funny you say this, b/c I go through this often! I'm fiercely independent and even got a financial advisor so I could understand my money in case I got married one day and my husband left me for a younger woman. :P But sometimes, you really just need a guy. They seem to know things that you know, but much better. Unlike men, we know when to ask for help!

Mel Heth said...

A couple of my coworkers read this and told me I took feminism back about 40 years. I'm all for feminism - really it's grand - I just want the OPTION of having a man handle things for me. Manhandling. Yes, that's it. Glorious.

Laura- You're hubby's the best because he listens and follows instructions!

Geekhiker - We're going to start working on your singleness 7/26. I think we'll be able to help you find a financially inept woman such as myself by Christmas. :P

Dingo - I don't even know what prospecti are...but I'm glad you make Mr. Dingo deal with them!

Wow TWA - I sent this post to Mr. W and he just laughed. I'm out on the Vegas front, but good luck to you!

Alysha - You're awesome for changing a tire. But you're right, it'll be nice when you have a man to do it for you. :)

Semichrmd - Your hubby cooks AND changes the oil? Winner! Winner! Winner!

Anita - Yeah, there's that phenomenon too! That's where the Old Woman Who Live in a Shoe story comes from...

Jane - Good point! It's like asking for directions. You were smart to hire a financial advisor. Perhaps I'll follow your lead...

Anonymous said...

Eye-opening quiz! I thought I was da bomb with money but after taking that I realize I still am holding back in a few areas! I happen to come from a family of women who wear the pants in the family, so taking control was never a queston for me, but sometimes I still melt into the lady who wants her trash taken out too.. I can totally relate!!