Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oh the Awesomeness

I have no words for this book. Okay, maybe just Travolta.


Dingo said...

Please tell me that you also have the "free record inside."

Record? Oh my, do they still make record players? You should download a clip for us. And a clip of you dancing. Did you bust these moves at the wedding reception?

Anonymous said...

LOL - It was a Scholastic book! I could have gotten it on my book order along with my "Raiders" Storybook! LOL

Speaking of geekyness, check out page 16: "You saw Star Wars eleven times, Close Encounters six. Now you get to live it every week!" Now there's temptation.

How did we ever survive the 70's?

brookem said...

Yay! You saw it! Now we can discuss.

Ha, I loved that part with Charlotte too. I also really liked the part when Carrie was trying on all of her old clothes trying to decide what to keep or not.

So true what you said about how relatable the show/movie is. I think of the show about 26 times a day. No joke.

Mel Heth said...

Dingo - I WISH I had the free record! A friend sent me this link...wish I had the real book. I think I did bust some moves like that at the wedding. My kinetic energy was smokin.

GeekH - I didn't know it was scholastic - that's awesome. I actually wish I could go back to the 70s at my current age and spend some time at Studio 54!

Brookem - You're so funny - I wrote you back on the other post. :)

Michael C said...

You have found the Holy Grail of dance. And oh do I wish the free record was still there. I just know it had KC and the Sunshine Band's 'Boogie Shoes' on it!

Now I feel the urge to watch an episode of 'ChiPs'

Have a groovy weekend!!

big sister said...

Did mom pull this out from the dungeon, when she did her spring cleaning?

Alysha said...

Please tell me where I can purchase some stylish kneepads? Am I really not supposed to wear my cowboy and indian socks?